pátek 13. května 2016

New Home

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the title suggests, this is the very first post from and about our new home ♪
We had to unexpectedly move to Munich at the beginning of April, because my husband's office was moved to Dachau. It was really sudden and quicker than anyone expected it to be =D We were looking for a new apartment for about two weeks and then the very first visit was success ! From a lot of other "candidates" the company who owns this super-nice-just-reconstructed apartment chose us *o* whee !

After the terrifying experience of moving everything from Prague to Ingolstadt on our own, just with help of Honza's dad, we decided to order a moving service this time... and it was the best decision ever ! No stress, no struggle with heavy furniture and paper boxes full of books... what a comfort =D

Now a month and 13 days after we moved in, the apartement looks great ♥ ! The only room which isn't finished yet is my studio <_< I just set up tables, unpacked my sewing machine and art supplies so I could work and placed plants on my window... but the rest is still chaos, maybe this weekend we will finally hang all my pictures and the celtic deco-fabric on my walls, so it will be a nice cozy room again =)

I don't want to make any "room tour" or something like that, because I don't have to show everything to everyone =) but here are at least some photos I took on my phone during the past month ♪

 the house itself isn´t the most beautiful one in Munich, but at least we have pretty sakura right next to it !

 from the hill in the nearby Olympic park is a view on Alps *o* now I can see my dear mountains everytime I want ! ♥

 some details from my studio
I love the fern and the flowerpot I bought in Ikea *o* 
... and of course I have to have a porcelain dwarf ! We´re in Germany =D !

 our view from living room - right into a huuuge spruce tree ♥ sometimes there is a squirrel looking for food or ravens... how perfectly mori is this ? =D

our new sofa - we chose petrol blue this time !
Snoop Dogg... I mean - Satan - approves it =D

After three years of taking photos on balcony with the ugly green fake-grass floor I decided to save some special place just for photos in the new apartment. Mostly because I want have better photos for my shop and don't want to freeze in -10°C when I make a new product in the middle of winter and have to take photo of it =D (like I did in Ingolstadt)
We have a ceiling window in our corridor which make great lighting for photos, so I decided to keep one of the walls plain white and make it my "photo-corner"

Here are the ever first outfit photos taken there =D !
My mori outfit from a nice sunny day which ended up as a huge rainstorm with me stuck in the middle with Satan in arms =D I went to Gudrun Sjoden shop in Munich to change my address for new catalogues... I planned to take a look around the town, but instead I ended up drenched and cold. So I went home and strolled a bit around the big shopping centre near our place. (which is huge and crowded and I don 't like it)
Even though I looked like a drowned rat, on my way home an absolutely normal-looking guy stopped me just to tell me that I looke so amazingly different and if I want to go for a drink with him =D ha ha ...of course I didn't ! But it was nice, in Prague a guy like him would shout on me something about mascarade, witches or Lady Gaga... like they always do -_-

So - my first impression of Munich people is good so far ! 
(at least when they're sober - I'm not talking about soccer fans and the groups of guys dressed up in Lederhosen, pulling a cart with a beer barrel behind them, shouting like crazy and pissing everywhere... <_<)

scarf - Gudrun Sjodén
dress - H&M (I bought it a few years ago in sales)
necklace - Brett Manning Etsy
bracelets - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

When I was packing I had to go through my whole wardrobe - I really like doing it, because I always find something I forgot about and I see new layering possibilities and colour combination when everything is spread on floor =) 
Like with this dress - they are actually two - one black summer dress which I wore only on WGT because it's terribly transparent and the brown long dress which is also transparent... so I´m wearing them both now ! I don´t know why I never thought about it before =D

...speaking about WGT... we´re not going this year (again) T_T  ... mostly because it´s too expensive and for the same money we could spend five days in Amsterdam (which is exactly what we´re going to do =D), we also have no one who can look after Satan and most importantly we´re not much of goths anymore, so...yeah... BUT STILL there will be DARKHER AND FAUN AND....ARRGHH ALL THIS GREAT ATMOSPHERE WITHOUT ME ! >_<
...yeah, so I will watch Eurovision instead =D ha ha

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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