středa 20. dubna 2016

Shopping Day in Nürnberg

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm back online ! yay *o*
I don't know why it always has to takes ages to get internet connection here in Germany -_- but appart from not being able to run my Etsy shop, it was actually pretty refreshing to be "disconected" for a while =)

As I said before we moved to Munich and have a new apartement in 4th floor, full of light and with two balconies ♥ I still didn't quite got used to big city life and most of the time I act and think like I'm still in Ingolstadt =D for example I'm planning to go to city centre for weekends, while I can go there whenever I want because I have an underground station just around the corner and it takes only about 30 minutes to get there =D

I wasn´t up to much during the move, but still I managed to collect a lot to post about, so I will make two posts a week again, I think ... to not get behind as usual <_<

Today I want to show you my outfit and a few pictures from March day in Nürnberg ♪
We went there to buy some things, have a lunch and take a look around shops. We went to burger restaurant (again!), but this time not Hans im Glück but a simillar place - Kuhmuhne - where I was with lolitas once and really like it =) This time I had a salat with goat cheese and my favourite sweet potatoe chips ♥ nom nom

On our way to the restaurant I discovered totally amazing yarn store *o* It isn´t new, actually it celebrated 35 years recently, but I had no idea there is such an amazing place for yarn lovers in Nürnberg !
The shop is called Tolle Wolle and you can find it on address Weinmarkt 10. Inside is so much to look at that I had to go there twice =D First before the lunch just to take a look around and then I got back at the end of the day to buy some yarn. There was so much to choose from that I had to think a bit about colours and leght and... knitters know what I'm talking about =D
Ladies who own the shop are super-kind and were knitting the whole time I was there, always ready to answer my questions about materials and prices =)
There was not only yarn for sale, but also magazines and finished products ♥
Next time I´m in Nürnberg, I´ll stop by again for sure !
(btw. I added a new bookmark on my blog called "yarn adventures", because I plan to visit all kinds of interesting yarn shops and events in the (near) future *_* !

On that day I decided to wear an old/new skirt which I recently found in my workroom =D that sounds exactly how my workroom looked - like a huge pile of everything everywhere... but that's not truth anymore ! I threw away SO MANY things (not only from my workroom) during the move, that now it almost feels empty =D
I bought this skirt a few years ago, and it was available in my old shop in vintage section. There were two of them a smaller and a bigger one. The smaller one got sold and the bigger one got lost after I closed the shop... and now I found it again ! It's no longer bigger on me (eh >_< ), it has a perfect lenght and it's really comfortable ! How could I forget about it ?!
Combined with my new hat, favourite cardigan and Sad Ghost Club t-shirt it made an outfit I really liked and even got some compliments about it in shops =)

hat - H&M
t-shirt - The Sad Ghost Club
shoes - Vagabond

We did quite a lot of shopping, which was our main purpose of this trip =D
I stopped by at craft-supply shop and got there Bristol papers which I´ve never tried before and they are amazing ♥ I also went to my favourite fairtrade shop in Nürnberg - Chapati and bought there this super-cute skirt/leggins-over-skirt from Moshiki *o* I know this is going to sound silly, but we went to Rituals cosmetics for the first time and got really excited about their products =D ha ha ... I bought a little perfume and got this Miracle Set for free o_o The last stop was the yarn store, where I bought two skeins of super-soft Chinese yarn made of Tibetian Yak and one skein of Japanese ITO - both in colours to match my new Moshiki skirt ♥

I hope you´re all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Takový poklady *-* tvůj outfit je super, vypadá jako z Příčný ulice! :)))))

  2. Vítej zpátky a ať se Ti život ve větším městě líbí :)
    Outfit vypadá krásně, tyhle barvy do vínova ti vždycky moc sluší <3