pátek 25. března 2016

Waiting for Rain

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you an unexpected knitting project from February ♪
As you probably noticed I really like designer Sylvia Bo Bilvia alias Softsweater. I already made more than five of her designs and I don´t plan to stop making more =D I don´t think there is a pattern I don´t like in her ravelry store ...

So I got super-excited when Sylvia announeced a KAL ("knitting along") of her latest pattern "Waiting for Rain". I´ve never done a KAL before, so I was super nervous that I won´t make it on time. -for those who have no idea what I´m talking about- KAL is a group knitting of the same pattern in a set time (for example 30days), and at the end the designer picks randomly winners who get yarn, patterns and other sponsored gifts-

First I had to choose a good yarn. I wanted to match colours with the name of the pattern, so something blue/gray like sky before storm. The Drops Delight in Blue is exactly what I was looking for. I could do the shawl in just some simple nice one or two colours, but I´m sucker for gradient and colour-changing yarns so it was wild as usual =D

When I got to the first lace part it scared me a bit that it won´t stand out and the beautiful pattern will get lost in all these colours, but then I always saved the darker part of the yarn for it and it worked out great *o*

As I already said I was pretty nervous about not making it on time with all the blocking and taking photos... so I was super-fast this time ! The shawl was finished in just 14 days ! (which is normal, but I usually knit everything for ages ...)

When the shawl was finished, I washed it in softener and started to block it on the bed in my workroom as I always do... and in this moment I discovered that my shawl is two times bigger than it should be =D again

Many people asked how I did it, but I have no idea ...probably the yarn was thinner that it should be and needles too big for it. But I like it anyway =) It looks great !

I decided to take photos by the small pond near our house and I imagined the weather for photoshooting to be a bit windy, cloudy, maybe even rainy - to match the character of shawl.
... and I got a snowstorm.
Ice-cold freezing snowstorm.

But it was totally worth it !
I really like the photos we took ♥

and here´s a funny photo how I wear it on daily basis =)
When it´s colder I wrap it twice around my neck

I wore the shawl since I finished it almost every day - it´s too warm for the colourful Porteau Cove scarf already, but still cold enough for a light knitted shawl =)

As I said already - we´ll be moving soon.
The time has come and as soon as I finish this post I´ll dive right into moving boxes and packing madness. Which means this blog will be silent for a week or two, because I have no idea when we will be connected to internet again ... (last time it took two months D= )

Our new apartment looks super-cool, has two balconies and one room has a view right into a huge tree *o* also it´s in 4th floor, so there will be MUCH MORE light than in our current 1st floor flat =D 

I still have internet connection in my phone, so I´ll be updating my instagram as I always do ♪

See you in a few weeks !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

5 komentářů:

  1. You are so talented <3 I'm super jealous <3 (> w <) <3
    that tee made me giggle :'D

    loving the magical pictures <3<3

  2. Satan with the yarn paper thingie in his mouth! Aw, he reminds me of Dobby with his big ears. Maybe he's about to knit a pair of socks?! :D

  3. Krása *_* Obdivuji tě v pletení, co dokážeš. Já už nemohu pléct :(, protože mě okamžitě začnou bolet zápěstí. Takže mi zbylo jen háčkování.

  4. I'm just knitting a waiting for rain shawl, was googling images and came across yours - wow!! It's beautiful! I often look at it to motivate me to keep going, because it's a slow knit because of its size.