pondělí 25. dubna 2016

Cozy Neighborhood

Hi, my dear readers ♥

According to the title it almost look like this post is going to be about my new home, but I have to dissapoint you - it will be about knitting again !

Those who are following my chaotic blog on tumblr maybe remember this gif I made two years ago =D

I bought this super-huge skein of grey yarn in Kaufland and I was sooo happy about it =D (back then I had no idea about synthetic/natural yarns, maybe I wasn't even knitting yet)
The skein is really big - about 1200m, exactly an amount needed for a simple sweater ♪

The yarn was waiting in my box for a while, because I didn't have the skill to transform it into something wearable, until beginning of this year. I decided to finally use it, mostly because I needed more space in the box =D
Since it's just a cheap yarn from Kaufland, it doesn't have the perfect info about weight - and me - not expierienced enough - thought it could be a sport weight... so I was looking for a pattern from this kind of yarn.
After hours of searching I got back to the beginning and chose

The pattern is easy to follow, the sweater is knitted from top down and thanks to the simple cable in front it doesn't get boring =) it was fun and I learned a lot about knitting sweaters thanks to it ♪

When I was at the end I started to see that sport weight maybe wasn't the right guess =D I was so scared that it will be another "sweater for Hagrid" piece, but in the end I added just short sleeves instead of regular ones and it got a nice oversized look ... phew !

So, the sweater doesn't look exactly like it should, but I like it anyway ♥
I wear it quite a lot, even though the spring started already... for example today - it was around 0°C in the morning and it snowed ... <_< eh

leggins - LovelySally
shoes - Vagabond

And now back to my pile of WIPs !

I finally bought a knitting basket in IKEA, so I can work on more things at once without being in constant fear that Satan will make his new toy from them =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

8 komentářů:

  1. Hi, you knit really nice :), but more loosely than average, so maybe you will need smaller size of needles, than recommended on the skein. Before you start with large project, knit a gauge swatch, compare it with the pattern and adjust the needles size.

    1. Thank you =) ! I will try my best not to be lazy and make gauge swatches, because the yarn weight and size of needles is my biggest struggle x_x eek!

  2. Ten outfit a účes je dokonalý *_*

  3. Ten svetr je parádní, pohoda z něj úplně čiší. Doufám, že se mi jednou taky podaří s tím pletením konečně pořádně začít :3

    1. Děkuju =) Do toho ! Nic na tom není, jenom trpělivost... a času to taky tolik nesežere a můžeš to brát všude ! samý výhody =D

  4. I'm glad that it's colder again so I can wear aaaaall the cozy stuff :D

    1. Yes =D ...but still I´m looking forward to sunny days (I have some summer knits in my wardrobe, too =D)