pátek 18. března 2016

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of February we attended a special lolita meet-up of Franconinan Princesses - it took place in beautiful Christmas/Harry Potter-like town Rothenburg ob der Tauber *o* Which isn´t exactly close to Ingolstadt, but we always wanted to visit it, so why not ♪

We were really lucky, because the sky was completely clear and it was sunny... unfortunatelly still pretty cold, so we were freezing most of the time =D Girls made an appointment with tourist guide, so we had a nice 2-hours-long walk around this beautiful city and heard everything important about architecture, houses, traditions, etc. it was really interresting and thanks to the the guide we also found out that there is a house which appeared in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows p.1 as house of Gregorovitch *o* whaa !
Actually I´m not even surprised, because Rothenburg really does look like some wizard town (...and it is for sure) ♥

After the tour with guide we split from the others with Honza and Satan. Girls went taking photos in the garden, but we wanted to explore more, because unlike others, we were there for the first time =) We went to take a look in the cutest Kathe Wohlfahrt´s Christmas Shop which looks like endless Christmas, or the big shop from Home Alone 2 =D It´s not allowed to take photos there, but I found a video on YouTube, so you can take a look here ♪

The shop is there the whole year, same as "Schneebälle" - Snowballs - which are sweet pastry balls covered in various stuff ... I had one in Alps and personally think it looks better than it tastes =D it´s really nothing more than just a ball of pastry with ton of sugar <_<

I decided to wear ouji for the occasion, since we spent quite a while in car and I didn´t want to wrinkle my lolita skirt and petticoat. It´s also more practical with the dog, because I really didn´t want to have his paw prints all over my lolita dress =D

So I wore my new Innocent World pants for the very first time, together with the funny hat I recently bought. I added a cross on my pocket and ended up looking like some aprentice vampire hunter =D 
(I´m always making up stories for my ouji outfits)

hat - H&M
pants - Innocent World
shoes - Vagabond

And here are some photos of the town ♪

 I like taking photos of silly souvenirs =D

mr. Ginger Cat

The final part of the meet-up was (of course) food ! We had a reservation in traditional restaurant which had this cute hippogryph sign and looks totally like from HP ♥

It was a really nice day and I´m happy that we finally visited this town. Our plan is to come back in summer for the whole weekend *o* I´m already looking forward to it !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Thank you for introducing this cute town <3
    I love that outfit! You look like you could be a cool character from Harry Potter ;) <3<3<3

  2. These pictures are amazing! Seems like such a wonderful place. :)
    I love your outfit by the way! <3


  3. Super městečko - není tam někde nějaký kouzelnický vlnoobchůdek?? *-*

    1. No právě, že ne T_T asi tam nikdo neplete... a nebo jsou tam tak hrozně drahý nájmy, že by muselo plíst celý město aby se to někomu vyplatilo =D