středa 10. února 2016

Porteau Cove

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In November Nicola Hodges alias Tiny Island Textiles released new knitting pattern called "Porteau Cove". It´s a huuuge scarf with lace pattern, not too warm and not too light - perfect for me !
Since the first time I saw it on instagram, I knew I will make it because I love huge scarves and knitting challenges *_*

I was thinking a lot about the right colour and yarn... and suddenly Han asked me what I want for Chrismas - if "by a chance" I don´t want a handspun/handyed yarn...??

...of course I couldn´t refuse

And so my wish was a handyed yarn in lenght for "Porteau Cove", dyed in gradients of northen lights colours.... I´m terrible I know

And this is what I got just a few days before Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥

So beautiful *o* !

I was just finishing the "Capucine" hat, so as soon as my needles were free again I cast it on =) Otherwise I would get to it next winter or something like that (I have too many projects planned... <_<)

So this was basically my Christmas knitting project and I was lucky enough that as I was getting to an end, the snow started falling and I managed to finish it right on time for the last weekend before it all melted and everything became grey and ugly again... 

I planned to take photos in the forest as always, but the snow was falling from the trees and it would be impossible to stand there without getting hit =D

I wish I had this scarf when my hair used to be as magenta-shiny-happy-pink as my earmuffs =)

...yes, that´s a Tracht jacket (traditional German clothing) ... as you can see I´m trying my best to fit in ! *joke*
(actually I bought it in vintage store in Vienna to wear it with lolita clothes)

I made this pink crochet brooch ages ago for my Fler shop (something like Czech Etsy) ... I still have one more in neon yellow =D it never got sold, what a surprise !
... and sorry about the fluff all over my jacket... I forgot to take the Ikea-roll and the scarf was somehow full of it <_<


I managed to wear the scarf for the whole week and then it got warmer... phew at least the week ! But I´m ready for the next winter ! (I´m thinking about buying some matching pastel violet pants, so I can wear it more often...hmm ♪)

Right now I´m really busy with knitting (and everything else, too). After I finished this one I made a galaxy-coloured shawl to match my BM leggins (those who follow me on Instagram saw it already), then I started working on a big project - "Cozy Neigbourhood" sweater from Joji Locatelli and at the same time I decided to participate in "Waiting for rain KAL" - KAL means Knitting Along - designer set a time in which everyone who wants to participate, knit the same pattern, at the end the designer picks someone randomly and chose the best photo, project name, etc. Winners get cute prizes like free patterns or skeins of yarn... :3
Since Softsweater is so far my favourite knitting designer I just had to give it a try and now I´m knitting after midnight everyday to make it until 15th March, with blocking, photoshoot and everything =D ha ha .... ha ...ha

Appart from knitting I also have A LOT to be done for my RABBIT HEART shop, because my dearest customers recently bought almost everything and I have SO MUCH TO RESTOCK, which is absolutely amazing ♥ 

...ehm and as if I didn´t have enough, I´m trying to create art in my spare time and also read some books (I´m currently waiting for the final book of the Red Rising Trilogy from Pierce Brown to arrive in my mailbox *o* If you haven´t heard of it, take a look & read it, it´s a pretty cool sci-fi - combination of my favourites - 1984, Hunger Games, Ender´s Game, ...)

I hope you´re all fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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