pátek 12. února 2016

January Ice-skating Lolita Meet-up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In January Franconian Princesses organized the first lolita meet-up of 2016. Since the weather was still dark, cold and ugly the programm was ice skating !
I love ice skating and even more I love ice skating in lolita =D I always wanted to organize meet-up like this in Prague, but nobody wanted to spend money for the rent of ice skates or simply didn´t know how to skate, so it never happened ...

I had to carry my own ice skates all the way to Nürnberg, but it was totally worth it ! First we met for lunch in a nice cozy railroad-themed restaurant and then went to the winter stadium. Apparently ice skating got back in the fashion, because the stadium was overcrowded with all kinds of people - kids, adults, teenagers, beginners, good skaters, ...
It was an ice disco, so there was dimmed light,usual disco effects and loud music (... it may sound terrrible, but I really like this ice disco thing, I´ve never been to one in Czech Republic, I don´t even know if there is something like that =D but it´s so much fun !)

We were skating for quite a long time - two hours, I think ? And at the end we were soooo tired ! The most exhausting lolita meet-up ever =D I fell asleep on train on my way back ... <_<

Since it was cold I wore my super-pretty steampunk "birthday" dress ♥ It´s made of really thick fabric, so I can´t wear it in summer, but it´s perfect for winter and autumn meet-ups =)
I had to make a lot of layers since I don´t own any lolita coat anymore (I "grew up" from them) ... it was challenging, but in the end I made it and I wasn´t even cold !

earring with Eurasian Pygmy Owl - Amélka on Fler
Steampunk Time Machine jsk - Infanta
poncho - second-hand (Vinted)

And some pretty photos from Caro´s boyfriend ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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