středa 3. února 2016

DIY Deer Hoodie

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Remember the "Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge" I did before Halloween? I participated in the December challenge as well !
The project of the month was this deer hoodie (from Taobao, I think)

I have to confess that I was waiting for this project since the first voting, because I already had an old brown hoodie, idea how to make it and most importantly - I love deer-themed clothing ♥

Since I´m not really sure about my skills of sewing tiny complicated objects like antlers and animal ears, I decided to use the technique I´m 100% sure about and I love doing - KNITTING !

What did I use ?
old brown hoodie, yarn leftovers, felting yarn leftover, skein of brown yarn (the only thing I had to buy - 2euro), Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen

I made the antlers according to a knitting pattern for the "Deer Hat" from Woodland Knits (as you probably remember, I already made 3 of these hats, so I almost knew it from memory ha ha =D).
I used felting yarn in ivory and double-pointed needles n.6

Felted antlers with hot water and soap to give them better shape

While the antlers where drying up, I knitted a pair of ears. According to the same pattern as before.

I crocheted 6 spots from leftover yarn. No pattern used - it´s just two rounds of double crochets ...

Ready to sew everything on hoodie !

... and the result !

I´m super-happy about how the hoodie looks now ! I can´t wait to spring to wear every day *_*
(...but at the same time I miss the beautiful snow we had while taking photos)

Feel free to upgrade your old hoodie the same way ♥
The pattern for Deer Hat is available on Stephanie Dosen´s website 

I´m still not sure if I will participate in this month´s challenge. The project is a scalloped skirt... and I´m not sure if I need another skirt <_< but I have some pretty fabric leftovers from the classic lolita skirt I made for Porcelain Doll last week, so maybe ...
actually I have an idea how to do it already, but I´m also participating in knitting challenge, so I have no idea if I will make everything on time

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Jééé to je tak hezký :) :) Že bych přepracovala jednu svojí ušitou mikinu z hnědýho fleecu? Měla jsem jí připravenou na výhoz do textilu...ale tohle by mohlo být docela fajn, fakt super nápad :)

    1. Zkus to =) a kdyby ti zbyl ještě ten fleece, tak nemusíš ani plíst ty uši !