středa 17. února 2016

Nuclear Holocats 2.0

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A few weeks ago, when I was packing my suitcase to Prage and had to put together casual outfit for dinner with parents and I discovered a funny thing - my wardrobe is full of t-shirts which are absolutely not suitable for semi-formal occasions (or how to call it) =D My whole t-shirt collection consists of 40% band merchandise and 60% satanistic/occult/unholy cat prints ....... oh and I have three shirts with wolfs and one with elephants =D

Don´t worry this post won´t be about how I bought some nice formal clothes and went to the dinner dressed up nicely... instead I HAVE ANOTHER CRAZY CAT PRINT IN MY COLLECTION !!!

This time - the very first and original print and logo of great NUCLEAR HOLOCATS on a red tote bag, which is something I needed for a while, since I have these red shoes for ages and nothing ever matched them =D I also got the cutest button with cat Rosie the Riveter ♪ ... all of this as a gift for writing the previous post about this cute shop ♥ ♥ ♥ you are so kind - thank you so much again and again ! 

It all arrived super-fast ... just in three days to Germany? And as soon as I pulled everything out of the package an outfit started to appear on my mind so I had to take photos of it immediately =D ha ha
(that´s why the quality of photos istn´t the best, because it was rainy and for some reason the camera was focusing on Lucipurr´s face and not mine)

alien choker, skirt - H&M
Lucipurr t-shirt - BlackCraft
tote bag, button - Nuclear Holocats

In case anyone wondered - this isn´t sposored post, I´m not really interested in sponsorships, because I have enough clothes or jewellery and don´t need more of them. Even if it would be for free. I am also a shop owner myself, so it wouldn´t be the best thing to do for my own business =) actually I´m the one who offers sponsorships from time to time ♪ ho ho

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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