pátek 19. února 2016

All About Love

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Another knitting post is here !
One of my long-planned projects was to make a scarf which will match with my Purple Galaxy Leggins from Black Milk ♪ They are so beautiful and have all my favourite colours, but I found out that I have nothing more than just black and grey garments to match with them... so I was thinking about purple scarf? hmm no, my husband hates purple =D white? eeh, no... light blue? maybe... and then I saw this amazing yarn at Hana Paimens Etsy and instantly ordered a few meters *o*

 It has exactly the same colours as my leggins !

At first I had a different pattern on my mind, but then I found out that the yarn is too "busy" to use it for shawl with ornaments, so I went looking for something more simple. And.... ehm, yeah I ended up at Sylvia´s pattern page again and chose All About Love ♥

The result is exactly how I wanted to be - nice, longer shawl with lace border, comfortable, not too warm and not too light ♥

It was hard for me to chose the right place for photos, because the forest wouldn´t work well with the modern look. In the end I decided to give a try to this lonely skate ramp near our house ...I think I´ve never seen anyone skating there, just LARP guys in armour, smashing each other with wooden swords and some graffity BBQ parties are happening here =D
(... actually I plan to go there with my rollers in Spring *o*)

alien brooch - DIY
leggins - Black Milk
shoes - Vagabond

I would never tell how hard it is to climb the skate ramp with these shoes =D ha ha

...and getting down was even worse !

And what is on my needles now?
I finally finished the Waiting for Rain KAL and I´m back at work on my new Cozy Neighborhood sweater ♥ I´m really looking forward to it !
ehm... and I´m about to order more yarn for another amazing sweater which was released just yesterday ...

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Aaaw these galaxy leggings! I have 3 pairs and I can't tire of them. You look gor-geous!

    1. Thank you ♥ Galaxy print is addictive ! I want everything with it =D

  2. This yarn is amazing! I just love your outfit - the scarf is so pretty and matches so well your leggings! Oh, and I have the same Sad Ghost Club patch ^^

  3. Haháááá, ta poslední fotka je suprózní :D