pátek 29. ledna 2016


Hello, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of November I couldn´t resist and had to use one of these great sales at Society6 and bought myself two t-shirts from an amazing artist Canis Albus. I´ve been admiring her work for a while and when I saw how perfectly look her pictures as prints I just had to =D

I chose "Malediction" in tri-black and "Upotus" in tri-coffee

It took a while until they arrived, and I even had to pay for customs, BUT the quality is amazing, they fit perfectly and they are really comfortable to wear.
The t-shirts are sweatshop free and everything is made in USA

Today I want to show you an outfit with the "Malediction" one.
I would call it casual strega, or something like that =D
I wore it together with this super-comfy asymetrical skirt from H&M and the "Like a Little Knitted Notebook" shawl, which I made at the end of summer ♪

earrings - WolfTea
t-shirt - Society6 (Canis Albus)
cardigan, skirt - H&M
shawl - DIY
shoes - Vagabond

Beast !

This was also my outfit to see the new Star Wars movie *o*
(yeah, I know, it´s not SW-themedat all... but I don´t own any SW clothes...maybe my wedding dress would be nice, but a bit too much here in Ingolstadt where the cinema was half-empty...)

We saw it in 3D with original sound and whaaa =D
At first, when the movie was over I felt a bit dissapointed, because the story is just Episode IV in modern look and with new characters. But then, a few days later I re-watched Episode IV and when I saw all these funny old tricks and silly scenes I was really happy that they decided to do it like this... and of course, the more fanarts and little jokes about The Force Awakens I see, the more I like it <_<... so yeah, I´m fine with the movie, I like it, BB8 is adorable, Rey is cool, Finn is cute and Kylo Ren such a funny dark lord =D I really want to see it again and I´m already looking forward to the next movie *__*


Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Takže jsi se Society6 spokojená? Koupila jsem u nich kamarádce na vánoce tote bag a byla jsem celekem rozčarovaná z kvality potisku a zpracování tašky. Zároveň ale delší dobu pokukuju po pár tričkách, jenže tahle zkušenost mě dost odrazuje.

    1. Já mám ze Society6 tote bag s Thranduilem a je úžasnej, tisk super a taška taky kvalitně ušitá... potom mám ještě tílko na yogu, to je taky fajn a tyhle dvě trika jsou krásný, takže za mě Society6 v pohodě =) Mám i tote bag z RedBubble a taky bez problémů, kvalita tisku i tašky perfektní ...

    2. Díky, to jsem chtěla slyšet :D