středa 27. ledna 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

It´s been ages since my last lomography post ! I had a full film for a while, but it took me half a year to get it developed and then another few months to actualy post it ...

Photos on this one are ancient =D From France, Frankfurt and the last winter !!!

I wish I could take lomo photos more often, but the lighting is really not lomo-friendly in winter, so I have to wait until spring to finish my current film =) I am so looking forward to spring !


Mont Saint-Michel



Frankfurt am Main

...and Ingolstadt

The older the film the better ! I love travelling back to memories of warm summer adventures ♥
I have a lot of favourites in this set, mostly because of the events connected with them - like the sunrise at Mont Saint-Michel (we got engaged just a few seconds after I took the photo) or the one from Giverny (I love Monet and these are his famous water lilies)... I also like the the first one from Ingolstadt, it has such a nice atmosphere ♪

Which one is your favourite =)?

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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