pátek 22. ledna 2016

♥ Florence ♥

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As some of you know, (those who are following me on FB or tumblr know it very well) I love Florence and The Machine. I love the music, lyrics, videos, Florence Welch is the most beautiful human being on this planet, her voice is so etheral and magical, her home looks exactly like my dream house ... this blog´s name is a German version of one of her songs, I even have tattoo inspired by it, I have all of her albums on my shelf, ... should I go on ? Yes I am a huge fan =D

Seeing Florence and The Machine live was my dream for a very long time. Unfortunatelly when we moved to Germany and there was her show in Munich we didn´t have enough money to go there T_T. So now, when I found out she will do a tour in Europe AND in Munich, we ordered tickets right away, to the first rows so I could see Florence as clearly as possible *__*

My big dream came true on 16th December in Olympiahalle Munich ♥ The show was absolutely amazing, I could see Florence clearly, there were also huge screens to see her even more clear, the sound was perfect, there was a lot of people, everyone knew all lyrics and sang along the whole time. The atmosphere was really beautiful, it almost brought me to tears ha ha =D Especially at the beginning when Florence started with my favourite song ever "What the Water Gave Me" I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH ♥ But far the most amazing part of the show was when Florence sang "Dog Days are Over" and in the middle of the song she told us to hug each other and then to put some part of our clothes off and spin it above our heads. And suddenly she started singing and the whole hall was hugging and waving shirts and dancing and laughing and everyone was so genuinely happy ! ♥

I was so full of positive energy after the show ! Right after the end, when I slowly woke up from the dream bubble I started looking for the merchandise stall *_* My husband went to get some drink, while I spent all our remaining money there ha ha =D They had beautiful t-shirts and pullovers, but I didn´t want to buy anymore clothes so I bought an amazing HBHBHB necklace and a huge poster which replaced my nuclear blast above my work table  (I think it has better vibes now...=D).

And of course I had to dress up for such an occasion !
I didn´t plan to look so hippie like I did in the end, but my new bell bottoms arrived just a week before the show and they are PERFECT ♥ I bought them mostly because Florence wears bell bottoms all the time and I used to wear it as teenager and now I really miss that crazy hippie look.
It took me while to found ones that are sweatshop free, elastic, shipped from Europe and in a good colour. In the end I discovered amazing retro hippie vintage shop Velvet Cave on Etsy where I ordered them =) They are handmade, great quality, nice fabric, fast shipping & fit perfectly !

I wore them together with this cute waistcoat which I bought on Vinted and my super-old shirt I usually wear on mediavel festivals =D I have to buy some hippie blouse for spring ! The peace sign necklace is a remainder of my hippie teenagehood, my dad made it for me and my best friend because it was imposible to buy it back then... =)

The bag is one of my many crochet projects =) I made it quite a few years ago and it´s still my favourite - it has the perfect "party" size !

bell bottoms - Velvet Cave
bag - DIY
waistcoat - second-hand from Vinted

I would love to share a video of one the amazing songs at the end of the post, but unfortunatelly they are all banned for Germany and I can´t watch them unless I´m in Prague... fuu -_-

so here are at least some cute gifs :3

Actually I have a video to share with you - the house tour of Florence´s amazing home ♥ watch it here (I think I saw it 100 times already and I now will watch it again <_<)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Celý tenhle post je tak uaaaaaaa supeer! T_T :) Koncert musel být vážně úžasný, závidím ten zážitek! :)
    A zvonáče vypadají fakt dobře, podle mě dělají vždycky super tvar nohou! (teda jako ne že ty bys to potřebovala! :))...ta vestička, neměla jí náhodou na sobě Momo na Halloween aka hobit??

  2. Hi there, such a great look! I was wondering, how do you like the velvet cave pants? Are they a sturdy fabric? or more legging-like?

    1. Thank you :) They're more like leggins than real pants, which makes them super-comfy ♪ I really like wearing them, especially in winter because the fabric is nicely warm :)