úterý 19. ledna 2016

Christmas Day !

Hi, my dear readers ♥

The final part of my Christmas "flashback" posts is here !
I didn´t plan to write any post about 24th at all, but then I really liked my outfit for the lunch and took some photos and... yeah... now I´m writting it anyway =D

This year it was quite special, because we spent Christmas alone for the very first time ! finally
Before we moved to Germany, we were always at our homes with parents and then, after we moved here, every Christmas we brought my mum to Ingolstadt for four days and then travelled back to Prague and then back to Germany... and uuugghh too much travelling !

To celebrate this "revolution" we decided to brake the usual Christmas rules & traditions of our families and spend these few days in as much relaxed way as possible ...

First - we decorated our tree a week before Christmas (in Czech republic people usually decorate trees in the morning of 24th or the night before). 
Second - we decided to not eat too much, we bought just what we needed, a few yummy things ,but not 100kg of junk food like we always did =D
Third - we went out for a lunch on 24th to Italian restaurant (the Czech tradition is to starve on 24th until dinner or stuff yourself with all the junk food you bought...)
Fourth - I didn´t make the traditional Christmas dinner, because I didn´t want to spend half of the evening with cooking. I just fried a bit of carp - because I love it ♥ and we bought some small yummy fish things in Nordsee ...
Fifth - we ate AFTER gifts ! =D ha ha what a rebellion ! ...and then watched Home Alone 2 - super amazing Christmas Eve ♥

As usual there wasn´t snow in Ingolstadt and it wasn´t even cold, actually it was more like the first day of spring =D The sun was shinning and we wore just light jackets ♪

I tried to look at least a bit festive, so I wore my shiny almost-gold leggins after a while and combined it with my favourite elephant t-shirt from Gudrun Sjõdén =) I bought it two years ago, mostly because some money from the purchase went to an elephant sanctuary in Africa ♥
And of course I had to wear my new HBHBHB Florence and The Machine necklace *o*

oh - and speaking about Christmas I mustn´t forget about gifts !
Here´s a blurry photo of my new treasures ♥
I got the most kickass red rollers !!! I can´t wait for spring to try them outside *o*
...aand the A3 light table, Darkher LP (but we still don´t have a gramophone), Hobbit 3 - Extended edition, faux-leather leggins, book of Icelandic tales and a lot of art supplies =)

What did you get for Christmas ? And do you have any special traditions for the 24th ? I´m curious... as always =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Pfff, na co tradice? Hlavní je, že jste měli Vánoce v klidu a pohodě! =D I když představit si je bez mamčina bramborového salátu nedovedu... =D

    1. ... tak já jsem si ten salát taky nechala uvařit na Silvestra až když jsme byli v Praze =D bez salátu by to nešlo, to máš pravdu ! (a já jsem líná ho dělat, to musím přiznat)

  2. Ahwww, bože, ta vaše společná fotka je naprosto úžasná. :)

    1. Děkuju =D snažili jsme se navodit pravou Vánoční atmosféru =D