pátek 15. ledna 2016

Christmas Knitting

Hi, my dear readers ♥

The second "Christmas flashback" post is here !
(don´t worry, there´s only one left - I won´t be writting about Christmas until spring =D)

This time I want to show you my Christmas knitting projects.
As I already said, at the beginning of autumn in the euphory from finally being able to knit socks, I decided to make a pair for each of my friends as gifts ... which makes 4 pairs + 1 pair for me + 1 pair which ended up too big, so I kept it as well = 6 pairs of socks = 12 TIMES THE SAME THING
phew... fortunatelly I was travelling quite a lot with train to meet-ups, so made some socks on the train or in the car waiting in the line on the border..... but still, when the last three socks remained to be done, I was pretty annyoned =D but, I did it and most importantly - my friends were happy about them ♥

I planned to use mostly left-over yarn, but in the end the only pair made of it is the yellow/violet in the middle for my dear friend Tercenya who never wears socks in the same colour =) on the right is a pair for Arenoth - he´s military enthusiast, so I bought a camouflage yarn for him =D the green ones are for Maxé and I made the same pair for Míša, but I forgot to take photo of them before they were sent to USA ...

I used pattern RYE from Tin Can Knits

... and here´s mine ! Made of shiny orange yarn, which was left from the crochet carrot scarf I made a while ago =D

Life is.....  SOCK !

The second gift-knit was for my husband.
I didn´t plan to knit him anything this year... after the fail with "Hagrid" sweater last year, I wasn´t sure if he would like to own more of my knits =D
But in the end (just two weeks before Christmas) he was looking over my shoulder while I was on Pinterest and spotted this scarf
"wow, that´s pretty I want it. Please knit it for me as a Christmas gift"
of course I couldn´t refuse ! *o*

I started the project right away and finished it in a few days of regular knitting ♪
We didn´t have time to get some better button, so I used the spare one from Honza´s favourite sweater. Then, when we were in Prague for New Year´s Eve, we bough a bigger and better one =D

the pattern is ROSA by Anne Schulz
I used needles n.3 and the same cheap black yarn from grocery store as I did for my bat sweater (it´s a good yarn !)
This pattern is super-easy and it looks great - I totally recomend it to beginners, so much better then never-ending scarfs !

And the last thing is not Christmas gift, but something for me =)
Just before holidays, Han sent me link to this cute pattern on Ravelry, which is super-easy, VERY popular and the best thing - made by a Czech blogger !
Han made a great version of it, using her own handspun yarn which is now for sale on her Etsy shop ♥

I made mine from a combination of yarn from England and the Icelandic one I bought in Regensburg =)
...and I used bigger needles, so my Capucine ended up being "slightly" bigger eh <_< but I still like it and wear it a lot ♪

And my outfit of the day ♪

necklace - DIY from home deco
dress - long time ago in H&M
shoes - Vagabond

Today I´m awaiting a package of yarn (which I secretly ordered and didn´t tell about it my husband,yet ha ha =D) containing skeins of Drops Alpaca, which I plan to combine with some more Drops Alpacas I already have AND this beautiful yarn from Hana Paimen Yarns *o*

... the pattern I chose for this combination is the latest from Sylvia Bo Bilvia - Shine!

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. To je boží outfit! :) A ta šála pro Honzu je taky super, hned bych jí někomu upletla, jenže nemám komu... :D Mě se to líbí moc, když máš tu kapuci větší..nevím, asi jsem divná. :D Každopádně je skvělá a barevně se ti perfektně hodí k dredům! :D :D

  2. ....a úplně jsem zapomněla napsat, že na tu šálu od Sylvie jsem děsně moc zvědavá, jak v tom bude vypadat ta vlnka! :)))

    1. Já takyy *_* už se nemůžu dočkat až to začnu ! Asi hned jak dodělám ten Porteau Cove tak se do toho pustim :3 dala jsem dohromady cihlovou barvu, tmavomodrou a přírodní + tu od tebe