úterý 12. ledna 2016

Christmas Regensburg

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Two weeks before Christmas we decided to visit Regensburg again, to see how it looks in winter and to take a look around local Christmas markets. I decided to visit new Christmas market(s) every year. This time we managed to see only the one in Regensburg, but in 2016 I definitelly need to visit Christmas Rothenburg or the medieval Christmas market in Munich *o*

The day was perfect, not so warm and not incredibly cold - just the right temperature to buy a mulled wine and sit on the bench, listen to live music and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere =) That´s exactly what we did on a nice little Christmas market, organized by various charity groups. The main markets in the city centre were too crowded (and full of Czech people =D), so we wandered a bit away from the madness and found this cute place.

I think it´s becoming a tradition for us to have a burger in Regensburg =D we always eat burgers when we´re there ! This time we ended up in "Hans im Glück", which is a popular chain of restaurants with delicious burgers, sweet potatoe chips and home-made lemonade :3 nom nom

I also finally visited the yarn store which I discovered in summer *o*
My new favourite shop, probably ♪
It´s just a tiny little store, owned by an old lady, sitting in the middle, surrounded by top-quality yarns from small producers from all around the world ♥ I wanted to buy everything, but under the strickt supervision of my husband I was allowed to buy only one skein of Icelandic wool for me and one for Han =D

One of the many things I like about Regensburg is also an existence of art supply store right in the historical centre :3 bye, bye money !  this time I was strong enough to not buy a new sketchbook, instead I discovered great inks ! They are made in Germany, in huge bottles (in comparison with the usual size, they really are huge!) and for a great price =) I needed a white one, but since they looked so good, I bought the sepia colour, as well <_< 

We also stopped by at my favourite shop ever in the whole Regensburg - Gewürz Depot ♥ That´s the cute shop full of spices from the whole world *o* this time I bough a Columbian spice, smoked salt, spaghetti spices and a spice for a white/fresh cheese (I have no idea how it´s called in English o_O). They´re all great and I use them a lot when I cook :3

And here´s my outfit of the day !
I found this mesh long cardigan-thing in my "black box" - which is a box full of gothic clothes and since we have a really bad lighting in our flat and the box is black itself, everything in the same colour just gets lost inside of it.... and then after a few years I eventually find some great items there =D like this one !

...and because it was finally colder than 10°C I could wear my new "Still Sad" beanie from The Sad Ghost Club

... and I finally took some photos of my beloved "Yeti" winter jacket ♥

beanie - The Sad Ghost Club
faux-fur "Yeti" jacket, grey dress - H&M
necklace - Omnia Studios
Manson rosary - DIY
mesh thing - second-hand store
shoes - Vagabond

Have you visited any interessting Christmas markets this year? And what would you recomend me for the next years ? I definitelly have to visit an Austrian town for Christmas market one day =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Well.. I haven't visited a christmas market this year, haha :D

  2. Been following you on Tumblr for a while, didnt knew you had a blog! Love your outfits, and that looks like a really cozy place! ^.^

  3. Super článek! Takových úžasných obchůdků ach ♥ Vlnka už hnízdí v mojí ozdobný truhle na nejlepší klubíčka! Pořád nevím, co nejlepšího s ní udělat, tak jí prozatím střežím! :D
    My byli letos na Königsteinu - byli jsme tam poprvé předloni (strašně pršelo, byli jsme tam snad sami), loni (to už bylo lepší, ale taky víc lidí) a letos, to bylo super, ale lidí strašně moc - hlavně Čechů, no, to je jasný... Jsou tam úžasný katakomby se stánkama - kde mají štolu a horký mošt a pak podivný steampunkový šperky a další, a docela hodně stánků na nádvoří - letos tam měli naprostou neuvěřitelnost (teda pro mě) - spony na šál, za docela rozumnou cenu, ve tvaru listu!!!! A spousta fakt dobrýho jídla, byli jsme jak dva soudky. Takže pro mě milionkrát lepší a úžasnější trh než profláklé Drážďany... Ale rozkřiklo se to, takže davy lidí no. :)