úterý 15. prosince 2015

Unholy & Spellbound

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I purchased something darker to wear and supported cats at the same time !
I´ve been following czech cat-themed shop Nuclear Holocats ever since they opened, but I never really got around to buy something. All their things are full of cat jokes from famous movies and horrors - which is super-amazing, but didn´t see most of the movies or if I did the print was on a mug and I´m not allowed to buy anymore mugs =D So when Striga announced she will be doing a t-shirt design for them and money from the purchase will go on recovery of one of the five cats (...I´m slowly losing count on how many cats they have =D), lovely mr. Čarokrásný, I was sure I will buy the t-shirt as soon as they´re for sale.

The shop owners were so kind that they shipped my "Unholy Cat" to Germany, so I didn´t have to wait until I get to Prague. The shipping was super-fast and the t-shirt is amazing =) ! I chose a male M, because I like to wear them with leggins or with high-waist skirt/shorts ...

I would have taken some outfit photos right after I got the t-shirt in the mail, but I ordered something more at the same time and I was 100% sure it will be a perfect match with the "Unholy Cat" - the Spellbound leggins from Black Milk´s Halloween collection *o*
I looked at them on the webshop twice - first time I fell in love, second time I bought them =D They´re just PERFECT. Witchy, black and high-waisted - what´s more to wish for ? ♥
( + there is an anti-possession symbol from Supernatural printed on them, so I can hunt demons with them, too ! mu ha ha =D )

choker - DIY
t-shirt - Nuclear Holocats
cardigan - H&M
leggins - Black Milk
shoes - Vagabond

As you probably noticed I made this super-kitshy velvet choker with all kinds of witchraft-themed pendants =D I bought them all on Etsy while ordering new things for my shop... I planned to make a simple choker with pentacle, but I couldn´t resist =D only chalice was left out, because I wanted to have an odd number of the pendants ...

Lastly I would like to recommend you to follow Nuclear Holocats on facebook - you will get a daily dose of cat cuteness and won´t miss anything new =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

8 komentářů:

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this shop with us! They have some really cool and unique stuff and it's very tempting to buy something... :D

    1. I´m happy that you like it ! They are amazing =D I will buy something more again, soon !

  2. O Nuclear Holocats jsem vůbec neměla ponětí, ale hned jsem si objednala tričko a placku, takže děkuji, díky tobě budu mít důležitej kousek ve svém šatníku!

    1. žjuu super =) Já bych chtěla tu novou "we can do it" placku, takže asi taky zase brzo něco zakoupím =D

  3. Super outfit! :)) Tohle tričko jsem si u nich před několika týdny objednala taky a určitě není poslední :) jen teda přítel nemohl pochopit, jak jsem za to mohla dát tolik peněz :D když jsem se ještě zmínila o hrnkách, tak též prohlásil, že jich máme ažaž, ale tuším, že nějaké ještě do bytu propašuju. Od Strigy bych hlavně někdy ráda tetování, ale to je stále ve hvězdách :)