pátek 11. prosince 2015

Black Bat Sleeve Sweater

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you one of my bigger knitting projects !
A sweater *_*

I have a lot of sweaters on my to-knit list and also a lot of yarn in my stash for them, but the TIME is missing ! Making sweaters takes a while, it gets boring in the middle, annoying when you have to make two identical sleeves, never-ending when you have everything finished, sewed it together and now you still need to knit the neckline and it´s already 3AM in the morning >_< BUT the result is worth the trouble !
Even more when you make a sweater which actually fits, looks great and matches most of your wardrobe so you can just put it on in October and wear it until spring =D

As you rember so far my sweater attempts were not exactly lucky. Both I did took ages to make and in the end have one for Hagrid and one for Madame Olympe Maxime <_<
Honza was making fun of me the whole time I was knitting if it will be for Hodor this time... ha ha

BUT THIS TIME I actually paid attention for gauge and I was measuring it all the time so sorry Hodor, you won´t get my sweater !

I used a pattern from great issue of German knitting magazine LAMANA which is full of really nice patterns like these, for example *o* and a simple black yarn in sport weight which I found in Edeka (grocery store) - it was a package with five or six big skeins just for a few Euros =) I know it´s not really nice to knit from synthetic yarns, but I´m still learning - I can´t afford pay 50euros for yarn and then make a sweater for a giant =D

As I said before, this project took a while - I started in on May 10th and finished on October 5th ...phew ! But I wasn´t knitting every day, especially during summer I haven´t touched it at all, because it was too warm to knit ...

And here are some photos !

For photos I wore it with my new super-amazing school girl skirt which I got as birthday gift from my mum. I have to confess that I bought it in H&M, but I just couldn´t resist - there was a whole stand with clothing that looked like straight from The Craft movie *o* uuuhh so tempting ! 

...ehm um as you can see I succumbed to the trend and bought this ugly "tattoo-choker" which I was wearing when we were like... 13 ? I didn´t want to buy it for a long time, but then I discovered this epic one with mirror alien head and I couldn´t resist anymore =D

I´m so happy about the result ! It motivates me to start another sweater as soon as possible, because now I´m almost sure it will fit and look nice =)

Unfortunatelly I have the pattern only in German, so if you´re interrested let me know, but the page in the magazine is a mess full of my personal notes...I did some minor changes on the pattern, too... so yeah, I don´t know if it would be much help =D ha ha

I´m almost done with my Christmas knitting, so I´m slowly starting to choose which one from all these amazing projects I will start now *__*

I hope you´re all not stressed from Christmas too much and drink a lot of mulled wine instead !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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