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Lolita Christmas Party 2015

Hi, my dear readers ♥
This is probably the last post before Christmas (and New Year, too - I´m not sure if I will have time for blogging), so let´s make it a bit Christmas-themed ! 

As you probably remember I was always attending Christmas lolita meet-ups in Prague. I think I haven´t skipped any since they started..... until now. This year the meet-up in Prague was planned on the same weekend as the one in Nürnberg with Franconian Princesses. But it wasn´t hard for me to choose where to go, because I was really really really dissapointed from the Prague meet-up last year... and the programm, place and everything planned for this year´s meet in Prague wasn´t attractive for me to the point that I would have to travel 4 hours, spend the weekend in Prague and go back. Also this year almost no one from my friends planned to go there, so it was pointless ... how sad

It was my very first Christmas meet with Franconian Princesses and I was really looking forward to it, because from the photos taken in the past years it looks exactly how I imagine Christmas meet-up to be - cozy, small, friendly, good food, Christmas-themed outfits, funny games, gifts giving and raffle which consits of the things we gave there because we don´t need them anymore - no advertisement, no fashion shows, no shopping stalls. Just friends wearing their favourite clothing, talking and having fun ♥
And I wasn´t dissapointed, it was exactly how I imagined it.

I was really happy that Rommily from München decided to go to. She took the same trains as me, so I didn´t have to travel alone, which was great =) After we arrived in Nürnberg, girls were already waiting at the usual meeting point and after we were sure nobody´s missing we made our way to an old town and started taking some photos before it got dark.
Then, after we were all half-frozen (it was snowing that morning!), we moved to the restaurant where was a reservation for a private room (the one where are usually weddings) - with a big table & private toilet - no need to meet and scare normal customers =D

We spent the whole afternoon there and I have to say that I was having fun the whole time =)
First we all ordered something to eat with litres of hot tea and coffee =D
I had this

nom nom :3
finally I wasn´t starving on the Christmas meet-up what a great change !!!

When we were all warm and not hungry anymore, we exchanged the gifts. Which works a bit different here than in Czech republic. In Prague we are giving gifts to everyone we know which can get quite crazy - for example last year I had like 18 gifts, because I know so many people and in the end nobody knows who gave who what and whaa chaos =D
Here on the Christmas party it was voluntary to bring a packed gift (for max.10euro) and gave it to the organizer. In exchange you get a small paper with number. Then, when is the time for gifts, girls are picking random numbers and only those who gave something will also get something back. It´s anonymous, so you don´t know who gave you what as well, but it´s less crazy =D and I was really about the the things I got ♪

After the gifts, there was a ruffle =) I really like how girls solved the prices - no need for expensive gifts or (as I said before) annoying advertisement, etc. ...a few months ago on the swap-meet there was a box with "raffle" sign and everything you didn´t need anymore and didn´t manage to sell could be put in - we collected quite a lot, so everyone got a pretty big price =D I gave in the box my old Anna House blouse and I´m so happy that it was given to someone whom it will fit ♥ yay !

Next part of the programm was the voting for the best Christmas-themed lolita outfit ! The winner were the cutest Christmas elf Claudi and Anette with her "Baby accessory" (which was her half-year old son dressed up as Christmas elf awwwwww) =D

Then the funniest part of the programm came - a lolita quiz !
We randomly draw papers with names of lolita brands and had to find others with the same one - which divided us to small groups. Each group got a paper for answers and Caro was asking questions. For example "What was the name of the first single of MC Mellody Doll?" or "What is the name of the print called by lolitas "radioactive cupcake" ? " =D For me the most confusing was "How was the blond model of IW called by lolitas on internet?" ...the answer was Model-san or something like that, but we always called her Draco Malfoy and I was sure that everyone did, too =D so I think girls had to laugh a lot when they were reading answers ...
(...our group was the one with the lowest number of poins aaa ha ha =D)

After the quiz, people slowly started to dissapear, while we stayed there until the end because our last train was a bit later. So when we wished nice Christmas to the last lolita, we went to take a look around Chrismas markets with Rommily, to kill some time before the train finally arrived and we travelled back home ...

And now... my outfit !
I wore something super-unusual for me - an ouji !
As you know I bough new ouji pants and blouse lately, so I really wanted to wear them as soon as possible =)

I wasn´t the classical lolita prince with pirate hat and coat like Kamijo, but more like clever little boy who studied at Hogwarts and travels trough time with his talking chihuahua, doing tricks on muggles and occasionaly attends lolita meet-ups =D ... or something like that

Anyway I´m currently pretty excited about wearing ouji, because it looks so great and it´s comfortable and it goes good with dreadlocks and no heavy make-up is needed and it´s so fresh and uwaaah !
I can´t wait for spring *o*

 I decorated my bowler hat with brooches - the big one is from Vanillas Traumfabrik, the steampunk one was made by Lyrel

 ...and I attached some of my necklaces on the pants - the one with key is DIY (same as the pocket-watch on my neck) and the cameo was made by Emerald-Dream

glasses - bough by dear Vanilla in Japan ♥
shirt - Rose Melody
waistcoat - second-hand
pants - Madame Muffin
shoes - Vagabond

And I must not forget about the gifts ! Because I got so many of them *o*

(the yaaaarn ♥___♥)

What a great day it was !
Perfectly organized meet-up with enough space for talking and no stress, just fun ♥
Thank you again for doing this for us Caro, Kerstin & Ophi !

I hope you all, my dear readers, will spend the holidays in peace and around the people you love and doing what you like =) We decided to stay at home, just the three of us (me+Honza+Satan), being lazy, knitting, playing Batman on PS4 and going to restaurants so we don´t have to cook ha ha =D
And finally after all these years I will be at home for Yule ! (I was always travelling)

What are your plans for Holidays? Do you have all gifts already? (I do =D mu ha ha)
What do you wish for ?
(I wish for a light table, extended edition of the last Hobbit and Harry Potter Blurays maybe ??... please =D)

I wish you a good start of the 2016 and party hard/or not - it´s up to you =)

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