středa 2. prosince 2015

New Favourite Sweater

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the title suggest, this is a blog post about my new  favourite sweater =D Surprisingly I didn´t make it myself, but not-so-surprisingly I found it in second-hand shop in Prague ...

If I have to say what are my favourite colour combinations it would be green/violet and black/grey - especially black/grey stripes ! Tights ! Socks ! Sweaters ! Everything ! This combination is simply amazig *o*

... so I just had to snatch this sweater as soon as I saw it in the shop ! To tell the truth, when I´m shopping in second-hand store I look only at material, colours, if it looks like it will fit and that´s it - as I said before, I always have just a few minutes, so I have to be quick. Then I get home, wash the clothes, finally put it on and WHOA I always discover something I didn´t see in the shop =D For example with this sweater I only knew it has great colours and nice collar... I had no idea the sleeves are so perfectly wide, with buttons in case I need to make them shorter, it has pockets and a perfect dress-like lenght ♥

What a great piece of clothing !
Here I wore it with my cat hat and imortal pair of garters (I have them for more than 10 years already?? They´re the best!) btw. I had shorts... =D

hat - C&A
bag - Viento
sweater - second-had
shoes - Vagabond

Long time no puppy-spam ! OK, he´s almost grown-up dog now, but still acting like a puppy =D

What was your best find in second-hand/thrift store ?
Lately I always want to buy some basic t-shirts and tank tops for upcycling or to wear them under sweaters and instead I find something cool =D ...which is great, but I still need those basic t-shirts <_<

I hope you´re all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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