pátek 4. prosince 2015

Moss & Deer Horns - knitted hat

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Knitting post again !
I hope you´re not tired of my yarn-obsession ...

Once upon a time my dear friend Han bought a spinning wheel and started experimenting with production of her own hand-spun yarn. I was super-excited about the idea, because the hand-spun yarns has such a nice effect, colours and everything !

So you can image my happiness when I discoverer this beautiful skein in my favourite colour insde a Christmas packet, which I recieved last year *o*

I was starring at it over and over, thinking what could be done from such a small amount of yarn... should I make fingerless gloves? Nah... Socks? noo... Use it as stripes in some sweater creation? Maybe... And how about hat? HMMM !
Actually, this process took me 8 months and the final impuls was a free-hat-pattern-day at Sylvia Bo Bilvia´s Ravelry store =D 

So after quite a while I was knitting a hat again and for the very first time from a hand-spun yarn *_* yay !

The result looks great =) I wear it quite a lot now that it got cold and the colour is soooo pretty !
We took some photos of it last weekend... at the same place as always =D ha ha I promise I will take photos of my knits somewhere else next time !

full outfit photo =)

detail of the button I wore ♥ Designblok is one of the things I actually miss about Prague ...

Speaking about hand-spun yarns from Han...
my collection grew quite a lot during the past year
and it will continue to grow even more, for sure

galaxy yarn, fairy yarn, sea-shore yarn and the violet I used for hat ♥

... and the mustard "Hufflepuff" skeins ! ♥ 

Now you´re probably asking - where can I buy all these beautiful yarns ??? I NEED THEM IN MY STASH

HERE on Etsy OR HERE on Fler OR follow Han´s yarns on FACEBOOK

oh and btw. I did the logo for this beautiful shop ♥ ho hoo ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. Jé celá článek o mých přízích T_T :)
    Děkuju! :)
    Ty fotky čepice jsou fakt úžasný!
    (jo mimochoem! jak máš tu "liščí" přízi Alize, co jsme spolu byly ve Vlnice - a koukaly jsme tam na tu Zmijizelskou - tak na vlnovým festiválku v Praze z ní jedna paní prodávala šál, hned jsem tu vlnu poznala, vypadal taky famózně!)

    1. ooOO ! To zní super, no jo, tam byla i ta Zmijozelská už jsem na ní skoro zapomněla =D Zatím vůbec netuším co z tý příze upletu... to bude asi až na další zimu =D