úterý 8. prosince 2015

Crimson Peak

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In November, as a part of meet-up with Franconian Princesses, we went to cinema . And what else should we watch than Crimson Peak !

To match the movie, girls chose the dresscode to be gothic lolita. I haven´t wear this style for quite a while ! Even though I´m not goth anymore this one is still my favourite =) It looks elegant and not so extravagant as the other lolita styles ...

As soon as we met, we took a few photos in a park and then went to burger restaurant for a lunch and talk =) We had a reservation in Kuhmuhne which is a pretty cool hipster place with delicious burgers and cute drinking glasses =D

After we stuffed ourselves with burgers girls surprised me with a birthday present *o* I didn´t expect it all and I got such a beautiful gifts ♥ ♥ ♥ you are amazing !
Thank you so much again and again and again ... !

Absolutely beautiful scarf from Shovava and the cutest toadstool necklace from Baku Forest Studios

After the lunch we were an hour early in the cinema, so we bought tickets, drinks, popcorn and continue in talking - no problem =D

Now a bit about the movie.
I was really looking forward to it every since I saw the first trailer in spring. Tom Hiddleston + Mia Wasikowska + Guillermo Del Toro all together ? This must be totally amazing ! Well, it was... visually at least. Everything and everyone in the movie looked beautiful, exactly my cup of tea, costumes were amazing, the house, the winter, the poor small dog  ... but ghosts ? ts ts ts ...it was so dissaponting for me to see the whole ghost right at the beginning of the movie - it spoiled the fun ! And it looked so... digital... so ghosts were kinda lame, but story ?? That was even worse ! I have to say that I discovered the story and the main plot right on the poster... I though "yeah, that´s for sure, but there will be something super-creepy going on in the house and they will be making meat pies from his wifes or I don´t know..." ...but they didn´t =/ I don´t want to write spoilers, so I will stop here, but huuuuuuuu whyyyy T_T I was looking forward to it SO MUCH ! Well... at least Tom Hiddleston was looking great as always, so I will probably watch it again =D It will be a great film for knitting !

I decided to wear my long black jsk with striped tights and faux-leather scarf to look at least a bit evil mu ha ha also I wanted something comfortable since I spent most of the day sitting and I really don´t like stuffing myself in the cinema seat with petticoat =D

headdress, jsk, earrings - DIY
coat - LCHLS
brooch - handmade, but I´m not sure if it´s from Ketmara or Shana =D

How about you? Did you see Crimson Peak? How do you like it?
And to which movie are you looking forward now?
I´m simple - Star Wars *_____*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Týjo ty šaty sis šila sama? O_o neuvěřitelný! Super! :) Moc ti to sluší! :)
    Je skvělý jak se i dredy dají udělat do takovýho hezkýho účesu...! (Dobré vědět :D)
    Haha ten film.. nějak mě nakonec v kině minul, zaujalo mě to v přehledu nových filmů a pak jsem na to úplně zapomněla... ale tak jak vidím, o moc jsem nepřišla - ale až bude k mání, stáhnu a budu plíst! :D

  2. Ovšem toto považuju za vrchol estetické dokonalosti. Krása pohledět.