úterý 3. listopadu 2015

The Sad Ghost Club

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Do you know Sad Ghost Club?
If you´re on tumblr I´m sure you´ve already seen one of these cute illustrations about someone dressed in ghost costume dealing with sadness, loneliness and anxiety together with an advice how to overcome these feelings

I loved these little motivation pictures ever since I discovered them ♥ they help me to realize that I´m not the only one in the world feeling like this and that it will always get better =)

I was really happy when I found out they have an e-shop with t-shirts, tote bags, buttons and tiny magazines with the sad ghost´s "adventures". And what´s even better - part of the money you pay for the product goes on workshops with young people to help them with mental problems =)

For quite a while the shop was sold out, but then they started restocking or making some new t-shirt designs so I decided to buy one together with a patch and I got a cute postcard with the order ♥

Everything arrived quickly and the quality is great, the t-shirt fits me perfectly !
(I bought men´s S... that´s my favourite size lately)

I mostly wear it with some comfortable pants and this shirt (men´s S, too btw. =D)

Here are some photos of my outfit as a fresh member of the Sad Ghost Club ♥

I´m 100% sure this wasn´t my last order, mostly because I ordered this bobble beanie just yesterday =D
I can´t wait for it ! Now it´s the perfect weather for all kinds of hats ♥

oh, and I almost forgot - you can follow the sad ghost club on tumblr as well

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Strašidýlko je boží! Připomíná mi mumínky a postavičky z Dumb ways to die.

    1. Jo, to je pravda =) ! mě přijde hrozně roztomilý ♥