pátek 30. října 2015

Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of summer was finally time to wear my crochet mandala vest again, so I combined it together with my DIY salwar pants and created this explorer´s outfit ! =D

I really like this vest, but it´s difficult to find the right time to wear it because it´s made of warm yarn, but it has no sleeves ha ha...but it looks great ! I need to wear it more often, I need to try to do some autumn layering with this piece *_*

This time I don´t have any good backstory to this outfit, besides the fact that this was probably the first outfit shooting on my balcony with the new camera and it´s visible SO MUCH, I love it ♥ On this day we went to take a look at a flat, but it was too small for us =D We´re still thinking about buying a flat, or a piece of land a build some simple modern house, or I don´t know... everything is so expensive here in Ingolstadt and we´re not sure if it´s worth it - because to be honest - there is not much to do in comparisson with Vienna or Nürnberg soooo... we don´t know =)
But I would love to have a house and garden ! It´s my dream to grow some veggies, herbs, get more dogs, have a place where to practice with hula hoop, reading in garden, watching stars in the summer... aaah *o*

Well, back from daydreaming here are some photos !
Satan was acting really funny, because I didn´t have the remote yet and took the photos on the timer which makes this beeping... and he was so curious, always looking right in the camera =D

who needs ironing

necklace - gift from Tercenya
vest, tank top, pants - DIY
bag - H&M
sandals - Sansibar

Song !
This whole "Soon it will be cold enough" album from Emancipator is currently my favourite... I always listen to something and then I get back to put this on repeat for the rest of the day =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥


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