pátek 20. listopadu 2015

Swap Meet 2015

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As every year at the beginning of autumn Franconian Princesses organized a lolita swap meet - the only day in a year when I buy lolita clothes =D I don´t buy anything anymore, because I don´t have money and if I do I spend it for some clothes which I wear more often ... Black Milk leggins !

This year it was just a few of us, but still we had a great time, sold & bought some things, had a tea, cakes and talked a lot =)

I didn´t plan to buy any dress or skirt, because I think I have enough lolita clothes already. Instead I was looking for some ouji things this time *_* I plan to give it a try again, I used to wear this style a years ago and it was always nice to be a cute boy for a while =D Also it´s a lot more comfortable for travelling !

After I bought my first ouji pants on the Metamorphose tea party I needed a good long shirt... and I found it ! Together with other pair of pants from Innocent World *o* I also bought a nice black bag and a velvet headbow in the same colour ♥

Since swap-meets are always taking place at someone´s home I´m trying to wear something comfortable and cat-hair-resistent =D

This time I wore my autumn jsk which I made a while ago and wore it just twice, I think. I really like the fabric and the colour combination, but it´s so hard to coordinate it in some nice lolita outfit =D So I ended up wearing my mori-lolita-creation again and I couldn´t complain ! Super-comfortable for travelling, warm and autumn-themed ...not 100% pure lolita, but who cares

outdoor version

indoor version

choker - Porcelain Doll
kobliha necklace - Saki´s Forestglade Jewelry
dress - made by me
fox scarf, bracelets - C&A

And one more photo from Benni =)

I´m so lazy to sew any new lolita things for myself  >_< I have two beautiful fabrics, lace, ideas, everything, but I just can´t start sewing it ! I gave myself a deadline which was the Metamorphose Tea Party but it didn´t help... I still didn´t touch it... well, maybe in spring ... ha ha

I hope your all fine ♥
Have a great weekend, everyone !

4 komentáře:

  1. I love the way you wear lolita or loli-able clothes. You're so pretty!

  2. Krása pohledět jako obvykle. Něžné, elegantní a originální! A líbí se mi mimochodem i nový kabátek blogu, je tu útulně :)