úterý 17. listopadu 2015

Flower Motif / Japan Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

It´s been ages since the last time I crocheted something ! There is so much to knit, that I just don´t have time for it... what a shame ! I like crochet so much =)

The last thing I made is a very popular Flower Motif Shawl also known as Japan Shawl - here´s the pattern on Ravelry. I discovered it thanks to Rooster Hill who got inspired by Vevka and it didn´t take long and Han did it too - the same pattern, from the same yarn in the same colours... and all totally beautiful =D ...so as soon as a Czech yarn shop Tvořivá Ovečka (crafty sheep aww) had sale on Drops yarns I bought them, too and started working on my own Japan Shawl =)

... but then I learned how to knit and started knitting and knitting and the shawl was waiting in my project box until spring. Then, when it was finally finished we went to take photos, but storm came and all of them were bad =D ...after spring, the super-hot summer arrived and I had absolutely no mood to take photos of a shawl. So I ended up taking photos of it one year later after I started it  <_< eh heh

Nevertheless, it was worth the while because we have the new camera now, so the photos are much better than ever ♥ (sorry for always talking about my new camera, but I just love it)

As always we took photos in the nearby park among the trees. I wore colourful autumn mori outfit again. I really want to put together more mori outfits with colours !

I got this beautiful necklace made of felted balls from Wel as Christmas gift last year ♥ It matches perfectly !

I found this beautiful light-blue top in second-hand *o*

oh, and here you can see my new amazing bag from RedBubble
Punk Harry Potter by great Aicha Wijland alias Art of Pan ♥

Appart from taking photos of me and my shawl I also snapped some pictures of Honza wearing his new infinity scarf. I hand-knitted it from "t-shirt yarn" - it´s a looong thread made of old t-shirts. We found it in 1euro shop for a really good price *_*

I used THIS tutorial

After the "photoshoot" we decided to take a walk around the town with Satan and found out there is a HUGE market with handmade things in Ingolstadt ! How could have I miss something like that ?!!
It´s only once in 3 years or 4 years ! WHY T_T
I need something like that every month =D

Not only there were tens of amazing shops, delicious food, but also a hula hoop tent where people could try, buy or learn how to hoop *___* heaven !

I bought there a fair-trade poncho from Nepal and a new pretty thing for my dreadlocks ♥

We also had the first hot mead of the year !

What a great autumn day !
...and now, back to knitting =D
Lately I´ve been busy with Christmas gifts, but at the same time I really want to start one of the 1000 projects from my Ravelry favourites x_x

I hope you´re all safe ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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  1. Jéje krásný šátek! :D neměly bychom založit nějaký klub na přesně tuhle barvu a typ šátku? :D podle mě je to ten nejdokonalejší kus mého šatníku, ani žádný jiný šátek jsem nikdy neměla radši (a to je co říct, s mojí šátkovou obsesí :D)
    A ten trh! (haha v každým komentáři píšu že něco závidím - tak pro tentokrát je to tenhle trh!) Dokonalost T_T

    1. Jooo ještě, že není pletenej jinak by to byl další KAL u Vlněných sester =D ha ha pak bysme daly dohromady celou armádu ! Mě se taky suprově ke všemu hodí a hlavně k tomuhle náhrdelníku - jsou to úplně stejný barvičky *o*
      Dám ti vědět až bude další tuten trh - mohli byste dorazit, třeba i s kolovratem =)

  2. you are so talented! omg I love this shawl, your outfit, the pictures...<3

  3. Hey, a while ago you said that you got a lot of old T-shirts and such like from your husband... so I recommend for the next T-shirtyarn project give it a try to make your own T-shirtyarn
    I tried it while ago for myself and it is really easy and there are lot of tutorials in YouTube and everywhere...
    Ilove the flower-shawl!!!