úterý 24. listopadu 2015

ApfelFest 2015

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Same as the last year, at the end of September there was an apple festival on farm near Ingolstadt. And same as the last year the weather was beautiful *o* It was so warm and sunny ! Apples, apple pies and apple juice everywhere ! I don´t know how many kilos of apples we bought, together with 5l of fresh apple juice and one pack of dried apple chips :3
We met there with our friends and their cute little daughter (remember how I was talking about my kidsphobia - she´s an exception - the cutest kid ever !). After we stuffed ourselves with typical Bavarian lunch (not healthy at all !) we took a walk through the apple orchard which is always so calm and nice... I want one at home =D Then the sun hid itself under clouds, wind started to blow, it got cold and so we went home... but it was such a nice day ♥

I decided to wear my new poncho - the one I bought on the fashion market at the beginning of September. It´s from a shop which was selling fairtrade clothing from Nepal. They had so many beautiful things *o* I wanted to buy everything ! But in the end the poncho won, since I don´t have anything like that in my wardrobe.
Until it started to be really cold outside I wore it all the time for dog walks and shopping - it´s so practical and warm !

I wish there were more festivals dedicated to fruits and veggies ! I only know about cabbage festival, but I don´t like cabbage that much ha ha =D
How about strawberry festival or asparagus festival ? There has to be asparagus festival somewhere, since it grows everywhere around Ingolstadt *__* I´m sure about it ! 

I hope you´re all fine and healthy - not sneezing like me ugh -_-
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Dost ti závidím, že ty ponča umíš nosit. Nedávno jsem si podobně uvázala šátek (tuhle nádheru http://www.thecuriousyak.com/store/p13/NEW-Sahara_Scarf.html). Kamarádka se mi hrozně smála a prohlásila, že vypadám jako indiánská babička :)

    1. Ale nee =D tak to musíš nosit jako hrdá indiánská babička a nikdo se už smát nebude =) já v tom taky vypadám jako skřítek, ale to je vlastně účel, takže pohoda !

  2. I know the post is already quite old but I wanted to tell you that I love the outfit anyway. The way you got another bit of the red from the shawl in through the boots is lovely!