úterý 10. listopadu 2015

Les Houbeles

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you a mori-girl outfit with three amazing things I found in Prague. As I said before, there are almost no second-hand stores in Bayern so everytime I´m in Prague I have to go in one no matter what =D Which usually means that Honza is waiting outside with Satan (because he hates the smell of second-hand stores), looking at time nervously and checking if I´m not buying anything terrible... so I always have like 15minutes to run around the store, pick up the best pieces, pay and get out ha ha =D I´m not complaining, because the more time I could spend there, the more terrible things I would buy, so it´s fine like this !

In summer I did this quick shopping as well and suddenly I saw a really pretty pattern among all these weird dresses there. I thought, hmm this looks like ...OH MY, IT REALLY IS GUDRUN SJÕDÉN ! FOR 3EUROS !!! which is like 70euros cheaper than it would be in the shop ! ...and in green colour AND in my size ! My friend called it "second-hand find of lifetime" ha ha =D

Together with the dress I also discovered this mesh shawl in the same shade of green as the dress, so I took it as well =)

The third great thing I bought in Prague is the LES HOUBELES tote bag ♥ I had no idea there is a shop like this ! They have everything for mushrooming - which is a very popular activity of Czech people =D Knifes, rubber shoes, baskets, tea cups in the shape of toadstool (I NEED IT milý Ježíšku), clothing with mushroom-themed prints and of course this tote bag ! I like mushrooms so much, they are so cute ...

dress, scarf - second-hand
necklace - DIY from home decor
tote bag - Les Houbeles
shoes - Vagabond

What was your best second-hand find ?
I wish I can find more basic t-shirts or tank tops, but they always look terrible and washed out...

oh, and speaking about mushrooming, today I unintetionally drew a picture matching with this post =)

Yes, I´m still drawing - more than ever !
I don´t post my pictures here anymore, simply because there is too many of them =D
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Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. To je fakt neuvěřitelný...takový objev v sekáči! :) Šaty jsou bezva, co víc říct než že závidím :D Kéž bychom měli sekáč v Růžový! :D