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DIY Elven Cape from an Old Bed Sheet + Burggrabenfest

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Rember the "Shawl from an old t-shirt" tutorial? At the same day I made one more thing, this time not from an old t-shirt, but from an old bed sheet ! Yay =D I love recycling old textiles !

I tie dyed it in the same colour as the t-shirt - I think it was just black, totally normal fabric dye from a craft store. After it got dry I had quite a big piece of nice thick fabric... so I looked through Pinterest for some inspiration and found this cool idea. I didn´t want to make a coat, just something shorter so I thought I might try to make a hood from the leftover fabric ...

This isn´t a tutorial, because I improvised with the sewing but I took a few photos of the progress and also wrote down the measurements ...so you can try it as well, if you want =)

here is my tie dyed bed sheet
it´s about 200x130 cm

this is how I cut it and prepared for sewing


great idea how to make nice rounded cut-out
(from this tutorial)

Then I sew around the edges of the whole fabric, so it won´t shred - with overlock machine, or you can use zig-zag stitch on normal sewing machine =) After that I sew together those two parts where you can see the "sew" on the picture - to make sleeves.

Then I sew together the two parts of the hood and applied it on the neckline... ha ha this wasn´t as easy as I thought =D but I´m sure you can do it ! better than I did

finished - elven cape from a bed sheet !
perfect solution for all elves on budget =D

I made these earrings a while ago as well - DIY everything !

Fancy make-up after a while, so here´s a detail of my face =D

cape, shawl, earrings - DIY
dress - H&M
tights - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

I wore this outfit for a medieval festival in Nürnberg which dissapointed me greatly =/ The ticket was quite expensive and there was nothing interresting inside for us... it was mostly for kids -_- So not only it was boring, with embarrasing "funny" performances and shops with just a cheap ugly stuff, but the worst thing was KIDS EVERYWHERE ! I have some serious problem with kids, I´m scared of them because I mostly hate them, they stink, they are loud and they are contagious eeek >_< 

So we stayed at the festival just for an hour, had a cup of mead with sweet pretzel and got out. Luckily we decided to go there on Friday evening, so we didn´t kill the whole Saturday with this "amazing" event =D Wwe went to look around the town and discovered a super-cute medieval tavern *o* Inside it looked like in Skyrim, there were long tables full mostly with fantasy-fans or other pople like this ha ha =D we had a mead, beer and an Eintopf (it´s basically a pot full of cooked veggies) all served in nice ceramic dishes ♥ Much better than the festival !

On our way back we walked through the festival again - to take a look if it got better in the evening... it didn´t, but it looked nice =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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