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Vienna + Metamorphose Tea Party

Hi, my dear readers ♥

This year I finally manage to get ticket for the big lolita tea party in Vienna and because it´s not exactly close from Ingolstadt, we decided to combine this event with a little holidays. We arrived in Vienna already on Thursday afternoon, then spent the whole Friday with sightseeing and on Saturday I visited the tea party while my husband with Satan was walking around the town and snapping some cool photos of concrete and interresting architecture. On Sunday we just went to the park and then travelled back home, which should havetaken around 4 hours, but "thanks" to border control we spent 4 more hours on the road... so instead of arriving home at 17:00 as our navigation said, we arrived around 22:00 ...great -_- (the worst thing was, that there wasn´t any control for us at all - we were just waiting four hours in the car, until we reached the control point and then the police just waved at us that we can continue without stopping, because we have German car indentification number ...nice)

But this "border trouble" was the only bad thing about these amazing four days =)
Vienna is such a beatiful, modern, living city ! In comparison with boring village-like Ingolstadt it felt great to be in a big town ♥ So many well-dressed people, so many interresting shops - VINTAGE STORES ! , yarn stores, Japanese restaurant with ramen, not overcrowded U-Bahn, 1000 beautiful cafés and small bars - it seems to me that there is always something to do in Vienna !

I have only a few photos from my phone from Thursday - we arrived around 16:00 and just went to look around the city and have a dinner. It was rainy and as always we couldn´t find any good restaurant, but in the end we discovered a huge italian one and had the biggest pizza I ever saw =D ha ha I was so hungry, that I didn´t even take a photo... and of course I couldn´t manage to eat it whole >_<

 I took only mori/dark mori clothes with me and it was the best choice ever - comfy and warm ♥

Friday was a busy tourist day - I have no idea how many kilometers we walked and we saw SO MANY things I can´t even believe we managed it in just one day. The weather was ugly in the morning, it was raining and my husband found out that his shoe is leaking (or how to say it?), so first we had to go to Deichmann and buy a new pair of shoes and then we finally started our sightseeing adventure !

Friday mori-tourist outfit !
We had a really cute little apartment in an old house with this beautiful spiral-staircase... what a place for taking outfit photos ♥

Let´s go !

 MUMOK - Museum of Modern Kunst (Art)

The weather got really terrible, so we headed really fast towards the Butterfly House, which is a beautiful huge green house - one part is a botanical garden with exotic butterflies flying arround, second part is a café and the third part was closed, so I think there is just a normal botanical greenhouse =)
Did I ever tell you how much I love greenhouses ??? 

the lady who was selling tickets for the Butterfly House was so kind that she allowed us to go inside with Satan ♥

And the café ♥

nom nom ♥

Next on our to-visit list was a yarn shop (ha ha) and then a "lunch" in Loving Hut (we got there at 19:00 so it was more like late dinner). On our way there we discovered this nice huge street full of shops and this scary concrete aquarium ...

...the atmosphere around was really creepy and as it wasn´t enough on the ground were some flowers and candles, my imagination gone wild and I instantly saw in my mind how someone jumped from the top and now we will have his ghost on the photo ... >_<

Something more possitive !
On our way to LovingHut restaurant we dicovered a beatiful vintage/tights/goth shop, run by a cute lady with green hair and a dog =D I loved the place, if I was living in Vienna I would be there every week ♥
I also found their website LEG art
they had so many amazing tights - lolita, mori, gothic, crazy with cats... whaaa *o* but I resist and instead I bought a great jacket in the vintage section of the shop =)
It´s a part of traditional Austrian/German folklore clothes, but who cares - it works perfectly with lolita ! I´m so happy about it, because as soon as we arrived in Vienna I found out that my black lolita coat is small... did I grow fat? maybe
Great that I found replacement right on the next day !

... and the one of the three yarns I bought in Strickwerk - I can´t show you the other two, because they are same and one of them is a gift for Han ♥
The shop was in such beautiful place and inside were girls knitting and chatting about yarns, and the owner has so many interresting yarns for sale and they also make knitting courses and she has a cute dog there ha ha =D it´s almost like that in every great shop in Vienna is a dog ! I was in other yarn store as well and they had a dog there, too =D

super-soft merino from Rosy Green Wool ♥

After we finally had a lunch/dinner at the vegan restaurant we moved ourselves to the most lolita place in the whole Vienna - Süssi Salon de Thé
It was like in a dream ! We were there alone, the owner was dressed in a historical (butler?) uniform and served the most delicious tea in beautiful porcelain tea cups, there were sweets of all kinds, 100 tea sorts and birds chirping out of the speakers... whoa *o* I WANT TO GO BACK

THE day
Since the tea party started around 13:00 and our appartement was just five minutes of walk from the hotel Stephanie where it took place, we had a whole morning free.
As I already said I didn´t have any super-fancy-elaborate-princess lolita outfit, so I didn´t need much time for getting dressed ...

So we decided to go in the nearby park, which was a beautiful place with...  THIS creepy shit in the middle !

this, the second one which is also in the Augarten and the creepy Aquarium are actually some old anti-aircraft towers from WWII, but more than this they remind us of Dishonored =D !

our conversation while we were walking around
Honza: I can almost see Corvo climbing to the top... and you ?
me: Yeah, it´s exactly like in the game...
Honza: I would use the teleport on that thing over there and then on the window and then...
me: ...but you have to be careful about the guards !
Honza: Yeah, yeah...now that I think about it it also looks like a great place for Batman ...

...and now FINALLY for the tea party !

let´s start with my outfit

...and with the new jacket =D

glasses - brought from Japan by dear Kathi ♥
choker - DraculaClothing
dress - bought second-hand, Infanta

I arrived at the hotel, shortly after 13:00 and got in the line with all these perfectly beautiful lolitas and oujis - I got pretty nervous... but then I started to recognize familiar faces (which was quite hard, because everyone was so dressed up, with wigs, eyelashes and everything that I almost couldn´t recognize them =D) After we greeted each other I didn´t want to stuff myself in the crowd around shops, so I just got a tea (it´s a tea party, right !) and watched everyone around =) After the official speach and buffet opening (which was funny, because everyone was so hungry or I don´t know, but for a while I could only see lolitas with plates fulll of food stuffing themselves like crazy =D) We bough kebab before I left, so I just tried some tiny little cakes and got a glass of wine mu ha ha =D

The fashion show was so cute, MY DREAM DRESS WAS THERE, so I was just like

Then there was the Q&A with the Metamorphose designer Chinatsu Taira aaand then the ruffle whooohoo *o* I won a choker from Porcelain Doll ♥ pefect ! The designer also chose the two best dressed lolitas of the tea party - they were really beautiful, I especially liked the outfit with ravens (I forgot the name of your blog, please let me know if you´re reading this >_< ugh, my memory !)

After my number in ruffle got picked up I finally did some shopping ! I bought Hogwarts ouji pants from Porcelain doll, made by Madame Muffin, then a blouse from Metamorphose (they put sale on everything at the end of tea party, so this one was instead of 100 "only" for 50euros) and a cute necklace with Kobliha/Krapfen/I have no idea how it´s called in English from Saki´s Forestglade Jewelry ♥ We also got a whole tote bag full of gifts ! There were two beautiful hairclips from Metamorphose, some chocolate, ring with button, 1000 business cards and much more - thank you ♥

I didn´t take more photos on the tea party than just those of the dream dress on fashion show, because EVERYONE was taking photos so I thought it would be just a waste of time which I could spent on enjoying the event =)
If you´re interested in more photos, I recoment you to take a look at Yuki´s blog - who was also one of the models on the fashion show ! I´m so proud of you ♥
Or there are official galleries (which are quite bad, in my opinion =D)
01 and 02

After the tea party I went "home" and changed into dark mori again and met with Honza and Satan. We went to take a look in Prater, because that´s just must-see if you´re in Vienna ! The wheel was cool, but otherwise it was creepy - I don´t know why, but I have such a bad feeling in amusement parks (,,,maybe I died on roller-coaster in my previous life?? =D). After this obscure sight we went to look for some food and randomly took a ride with U-bahn to station Schottenring, which is a pretty cool concrete station (oh my, I´m starting to like concrete pavements as well...)

We discovered a cute Japanese restaurant in one of the surrounding streets and had a delicious ramen there *o*

 Then we walked towards our appartement, but decided to stop for a glass of Aperol Spritz in a cute little bar which we discovered on Friday - it was in a tiny little street with a magical name "Dragongasse" (Dragon Alley) ♥

And that´s where our Vienna adventure ends ♥
It was so great to see something new again ! I love traveling, I can´t wait to go on an adventure again *o* next.. maybe Amsterdam? London? Italy?

And of course, even though I was doubting myself about the tea party before I left, I will go for the next one for sure =D It was great to meet my friends, Czech lolitas and got to know someone new ♥
I´m already looking forward to the next one !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. http://lolitagoesbad.blogspot.de/ this is the blog of the girl in the green raven dress :) I really love your dress, you look so cute, like it was made for you, even if it's so simple! :)

    1. Thank you so much ♥ I knew it was Lolita gone... something...and that´s it ! thank you =)

  2. Já bych taky cestovala! To je super post, rozhodně vím, co navštívit, když pojedu do Vídně! :) A ten obchůdek s vlnkama závidím snad ze všeho nejvííííííííííc :)

    1. No ten by se ti líbil hodně =) paní byla nadšená když jsem jí vyprávěla, že předeš a že jsi zkoušela i vlnu ze psa =D

  3. Hola!!! I have to say so many things to you. I just speak spanish and I don´t really understand what you write in this blog but what I see in your pictures say more things than words, I can´t describe what I feel when I see all that you do. Yourself it´s pure art <3 Eso es todo lo que tengo por decir, espero que leas este comentario y sigas siendo tu misma :) Saludos desde México :3

  4. Haha, oh no, those old arial defense towers can indeed be quite scary! I remember how much they alienated me as a kid... but the aquarium inside one of them is actually pretty cool! Also, at one spot they made a "cut" through the wall and you can see how incredibly thick the walls are! (The story goes that after WW2 they realized that it was almost impossible to tear the towers down because they are just too massive and sturdy, so they just let them be.)
    The photos from your sightseeing tours look so cool and atmospheric! And I'm happy to read that you had a good time in Vienna :D