úterý 20. října 2015

Talk is Cheap

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m back from Vienna, I took a lot of photos and the Metamorphose tea party was great ! But I need more time to write it all down, choose photos and I also want to wait for other bloggers to upload their photos from the tea party, so I can give you some links  =D I didn´t take any, because I had just a small bag and EVERYONE was taking photos, so I´m sure there will be a lot of them around the internet =)

For today I have just a simple outfit post from the end of summer (this is the last summer outfit, I promise)
I knew this dress will be perfect for layering when it gets colder and so as soon as the heatwave ended I had to try it with this weird black top I found in second-hand store in Prague... as always I didn´t try it on in the shop, so I was a bit surprised by the form it has, but... yeah, it´s fine - there are little holes on sides where belt should be, so I used this faux leather strap and it looks good, I think =) 

oh, how I love shopping in second-hand stores ! I wish there were any in Bayern -_- but nobody is interrested in buying used things, because "everyone" here think they have enough money to buy new - why buy something used when you can afford new super-practical ugly jacket from Jack Wolfskin or some other outdoor shit like that =D (btw. things I hate about Ingolstadt / Bayern - when it gets cold - everyone starts wearing outdoor clothes, because it´s practical, nobody cares about fashion and everyone looks the same... it´s driving me crazy >_< arrgghh I already miss all those good looking, stylish, fashion people I saw on streets of Vienna !)

Anyway, here are some photos ♪

earrings - DIY
raven skull necklace - DraculaClothing
long dress - H&M
overdress - second-hand store
shoes - vivobarefoot

I was listening to Chet Faker yesterday, so here is my favourite song ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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