úterý 27. října 2015

DIY Skeleton Suspenders - I´M READY FOR HALLOWEEN

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Halloween post is here ha ha =D
I decided to do it a few days earlier in case someone gets inspired and would like to craft the same skeleton suspenders like I did ♪

Yeah, you read right - skeleton suspenders !
At first I didn´t have any plans for Halloween crafting, but then I joined a great facebook group called "Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge" created by amazing Annika Victoria ♥ The idea of this group is to re-create things from usual shops in much cheaper and ethical way =) There will be voting every month and members will decide what will be the project of the month.
For October won this skirt from Choies which I would never ever buy, because it´s just a seasonal sweatshop piece of ...fabric =D but try to make it on my own sounds great, so I gave it a try - even thought I don´t wear spooky goth things like this anymore...

When you´re finished with the project - doesn´t matter if it worked or it was a disaster - you should share some photos of the progress, materials and total price. So I though when I have all these photos already I will share it with you on my blog as well =)

Making this was a lot of fun and cost me almost nothing - in case you want to make it, too and you´re from Czech Republic it will be even cheaper ...

So... this is how the finished thing looks

It´s a bit funny, I know - but it´s Halloween =D !

• Halloween skirt I made a few years ago
• old broken suspenders
• thick felt fabric
• fabric colour + black marker
• 2 new suspender clips


1. I repaired the suspenders and made them as long as I needed

2. Sketched the bones on the felt fabric with pencil according to some reference from internet

3. I tried fabric paint first, but it was too thick so I used just a normal black marker to do the lines

4. cut out

5. Pinned it on the suspenders

6. sew it on with cross stitch


That was pretty easy, right ? No need to support evil stores like Choies when you can make it in one afternoon =)

And here´s my whole Halloween outfit !
I combined the skirt with the cutest crochet pumpin hat made by Han ♥ and my VERY FIRST PAIR OF KNITTED SOCKS !!! I finally made it ! I´m a free elf now 

(I had too much fun with those stickers on pixlr =D ha ha)

Let me know if you´ll make some spooky suspenders as well !
Have a great Halloween / Samhain / October 31st everyone ♥

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  1. To je tak super! a celý ten outfit vypadá úžasně, naprosto úžasně! :) :)
    Nevím co k tomu víc napsat, haha :D Tohle je prostě dokonalý :)
    Škoda že se nepořádá nějaká Halloweenská pletací párty, třeba!

  2. Those are amazing and so easy to make :)

  3. This is so awesome!
    I absolutely love this look as well :3