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Shawl from an Old T-shirt - DIY tutorial

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After ages I´m here with DIY tutorial again ! yay =D
Lately I´ve been collecting old textiles whenever my husband was cleaning his wardrobe I snatch all of his old t-shirts and put them on a growing pile in my work room with "this will be useful one day, I´m sure about it"
I have a lot of plans and ideas what to do with all these wash-out, old, ugly t-shirts, hoodies and bed sheets, but I hardly find time and motivation to spend an afternoon with sewing something for myself...

Until I discovered that I really need a black or dark-colored shawl...not knitted, just something light made of fabric, with a bit of ragged look, matching to my strega fashion outfits... and I went to the shops, because I was lazy...and couldn´t find a THING >_< everything is small or made of really synthetic materials and of course made in sweatshops... ugh, so I had no other choice than make in on my own !

I had a feeling that this is going to be pretty easy, so I took photos of it while making it ♪ I´m not really good with explaining, so if you don´t understand anything, just ask me in the comments or in e-mail =)

Sooo this is how it looks

cool, right? I really like it =D

- old t-shirt, size L and bigger
- scissors
- sewing machine / or you can do it in hand, why not ...
-  thread, needle
- fabric / decoration of your choice

I used some really ugly pajamas t-shirt which my husband probably wore back in school - it had this terrible 90´s print in front and awful colour. So I tie dyed it before, but you don ´t have to do it =)

1. put the t-shirt wrong side out

2. cut-off both sleeves, the neck part, side seams and you can cut-off the bottom seams as well if you want

3. now you have two rectangles, cut one like this ↓↓↓ to make two triangles

4. put one on each side of the rectangle and cut the bottom so it all makes together

5. sew those three parts together - you can use overlock machine, elastic stitch or just a zig zag stitch on normal sewing machine... or you can sew it together with hand to give it more postapocalyptic look =)

It will look like this

If you want something simple - you´ve finished your new shawl right now ! congrats =)

... but if you have a huge stash of various fabric leftovers or some other interresting things, you can decorate it like I did

I used this mesh fabric...
(In my goth days I bought kilometers of it)

... randomly pinned it somewhere on the upper part of the shawl ...

...and sew it on the shawl with normal stitch

...and that´s it =)

This is how it looks ♥

At the same day I also tie dyed an old bed sheet and re-created it in an elven cape, but the process was too complicated for me to make a tutorial from it, BUT I will give you the measurements and the pattern so you can try it as well... but let´s leave this for some other time =)

Now you may ask "why OLD? Why everything old ?!"
Of course you can do this scarf from a new t-shirt, but... that´s just the half of fun and not even a bit ecological ...
Inspired by amazing Raintower together with my obsession with ethical fashion I want to recycle as much clothes as possible and give them new life in shape of something else =) it´s fun, it´s easy, it´s cheap ... what more to wish for?

If you have the same interest in recycling old textiles I highly recomend you to read or watch some tutorials by Annika Victoria - here
or join the new crafting group on facebook, created by Annika as well - the idea of this community is to vote for some DIY project each month and then create it all together and share your progress, fails and achievements =) This month it´s a spooky halloween skirt with skeleton hand suspenders ! I already have all the material and I will start next week with crafting *o*

I hope you like this tutorial and let me know if you made the shawl as well !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. I can only sew non-voodoo dolls. I admire your skills again!

  2. Tak ze starého trika jsem si dělala zatím jen tílko, ale šátek mě teda nenapadl. :D Díky za inspiraci. ^^
    PS: ten pejsek je roztomilý. ^^

  3. Oh, I should do this! I need some sort of strega scarf, too. Since I can't sew it will surely look more postapocalyptic when I try it with the sewing machine then when I handsew it, haha :D

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, must try! Love how the scarf turned out.

  5. Super nápad! Právě se chystám k něčemu obdobnému, jen chci z vyřazených kousků oblečení vyrábět ozdoby do vlasů, tak jsem zvědavá, co z toho vznikne. Ale tohle by byl úplně super kousek k mori outfitům! :)