pátek 9. října 2015

Lolita Picnic in Luitpoldhain

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After long months of not wearing lolita I finally attended a meet-up in August ! yay
All meet-ups until this one were always at days when I was in Prague/holidays/wedding ...etc.

We went there together with my husband and Satan and while me and lolitas were lying on blankets, eating cakes and chatting, they went for a 2-hours-long walk around the park to snap some photos =) The place is pretty interesting, everything is so ...vast (?) and you can find there some huge concrete remains of nazi era ...I went to take a look in the never-finished nazi congress hall and WHOA it´s so huge that we had to do a round "inside" in a car, because it would take too long to walk... 

unfortunatelly I don´t have any photo, because my dear husband was only taking photos like this

....in case you share the same obssession with concrete I suggest you to check his tumblr from more =D
(here are two sets from this day 01 & 02 )

Fortunatelly for me, girls from the meet-up took photos of our outfits and not pavement details so here are some nice photos of my coord from Ophi and Caro =)

I wore simple classic lolita outfit with a handmade skirt from Reiko and most importantly my new granny fake-spectacles which dear Kathi bought me in Japan *o*

I call it granny lolita

(this photo is PERFECT thank youuu ♥)

... and a detail where you can also see my bunny brooch ♥

hair accessories - H&M
necklace - C&A
fake spectacles -  from Japan =D ♥
blouse - second-hand store
skirt - handmade by Reiko
parasol - BTSSB

In the evening we went for a dinner with Honza and Satan and then we walked around Nürnberg for a while - I love this city so much !!! It´s even more beautiful at night ♥ 
Why there is no car industry so we could live there ?!

Next lolita meet-up - METAMORPHOSE TEA PARTY in Vienna !!!
I found out that I don´t have anything fancy enough for occasion like this
...and I don´t have anything from Metamorphose, because I sold it when I needed money ha ha =D
So I will probably wear this - without the wig and with black accessories

See you there ?
Is anyone going?
Please say hi if you see me  =)
I know there will be a lot of of czech lolitas - I´m looking forward to see you again !!!

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

7 komentářů:

  1. To je krásný outfit :) I když o lolitě nevím zhola nic, tohle se mi fakt líbí :) I ty šaty v odkazu, co si budeš brát na tu párty ve Vídni, určitě to bude super, neumím si představit že bys to nedovedla nějak krásně nakombiovat! :)

    1. Děkuju =) ! No snad nebudu vypadat jak chudá příbuzná =D ha ha

  2. aaaw you're so pretty as a lolita ! <3

  3. That is a very pretty lolita outfit! What do you do, so that your skirt stays in shape?

    1. Thank you =) I have a huuuge petticoat and I always choose skirts with good shape made of a lot of fabric ... ha ha that didn´t help much, I know >_< I´m sorry

  4. You look amazing in any style! Great photos :)