pátek 2. října 2015

Knitted Summer Top

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After a while a post about knitting ! =D
I´m knitting all the time and finished quite a lot of new things, but I was waiting for the new camera so we could take some nice photos in nature ♪

Today I want to show you my summer knitting project !
Now you´re probably thinking - knitting in summer ? Isn´t it too hot for something like that? Yes, it is... and that´s the reason why I put aside knitting my sweater and huge infinity scarf, because I couldn´t bear any unnecessary fabric on me and especially not a big piece of warm knit =D
So I started something lighter and summer-friendly according to a knitting magazine I bought - to tell the truth most of the knitting magazines sucks in summer, because all patterns here are kinda silly... "beautiful knitted long dress for your summer adventures on beach" ...yeah, that´s the best piece of clothing you can wear in summer + it will take you endless hours of knitting and then you´ll get hit by a wave and the dress streches/shrinks itself because it was made of some super-expensive pure cotton yarn =D no, thank you

The only thing which cought my eye was this simple, light top with embroidery on cut-out.

I knew it probably won´t work, because it´s just too perfect for a knit...
I had the exact gauge, same needles, almost the same yarn...but in the end it was weird.
I expected that so I changed the design and now it fits pefectly =) !

I haven´d done the emroidery in the end, because it didn´t look good ... oh and I managed to forgot a part of the decorative edge on the cut-out, but whooo cares, it looks good anyway =D ha ha

I used 3 skeins of "Essentials Cotton Soft" from Rico Design and 3,5 circular needles 60cm
the pattern is from Rebecca n.62


♥ rabbit heart ♥ 
I bought this necklace ages ago on Etsy - it´s actually a scrabble tile with picture in resin =)

earrings, top - DIY
necklace - Etsy
skirt - C&A

This was the second time we took out our new camera, so it´s still not perfect. But I´m really happy about the tree with cute red berries, because it matched with my outfit so good =D

I hope you´re all enjoying autumn while it´s still pretty and not dark and rainy... I´m SO not looking forward to getting dark early and mud everywhere uuughhh >_<

oh, and the blog has a new headder as you probably noticed ...
It´s my autumn altar =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Už jsem kvůli tomu novému headeru chvilku váhala, jestli jsem na správné stránce, ale rozhodně působí správně podzimně :) Top se Ti moc povedl, strašně se mi líbí, jak má řešený výstřih a záda :) docela mě i překvapuje, že vůbec není průhledný, což se dost často stává. Super práce :))

    1. Děkuju =) Jo, je to ňáká magie že to není průsvitný, ale je fakt že v tom magazínu to mají upletený z bílé vlny a taky to neprosvítá tak jsem tomu věřila... a vyšlo to =D