pátek 4. září 2015


Hello, my dear readers ♥

Another late outfit is here =D
At the end of June, just before the first heatwave started, there was a one really cold week - for a summer, I mean. Good weather to enjoy last layering and warmer clothes before the "I´m-so-hot-I-don´t-care-what-I-wear" season .

In that time my husband (wow... it feels weird not to write "bf" anymore) had a name day and we decided to celebrate it with dinner in Indian restaurant. We´ve never been in one here in Ingolstadt, but since the "Taj Mahal" one has a pretty good rating on TripAdvisor we gave it a try =) And we weren´t dissapointed nom nom :3 

I wore this amazing black dress which resides in my wardrobe for years ! I still can´t believe the fact that I found something so cool five years ago in New Yorker... ??! Why did they even have a perfect strega fashion dress a long time before those black robes were trendy ...? some sort of time travel for sure
Anyway, it´s perfect ♥

dress - long time ago in New Yorker
necklace - Omnia Oddities
accessories - randomly collected in H&M and C&A
shoes - Vagabond

this time drawing the outfit picture was pretty simple =D

I promise, that I will write about something more "fresh" soon =D ha ha
btw. did I tell you that we got a new super-hi-tech camera as a wedding gift from my father ?? *o*
My balcony outfit photos never looked so good ! =D

oh, and remember how I wrote in the last post about the DIY project I plan to try - making a new dark scarf from an old t-shirt? I did it, it looks great and I took photos, so await a tutorial soon ! =)

I hope you had a good start of September / school
and have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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