středa 9. září 2015

Burg Prunn

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After all these busy weekends spent on wedding/preparations/paperwork we finally found a free weekend to go on some adventure !
First we planned to visit the tree path, near the Czech border, BUT in the morning we found out that you´re not allowed to take "any kind of pet" (this is how it is written on the Czech website) with you and you have to leave it in A BOX until you get back... yeah, for sure - I will go for a trip with my dog and in the final destination I will put him in a box, while people with screaming and misbehaving kids are allowed to go there freely... this always makes me so angry !
So - no tree path for us !

But it was a beautiful sunny Saturday and we really wanted to go somewhere, so we decided to finally visit Burg Prunn where the The Nibelungenlied was found (I still haven´t read it - shame on me!). The castle lies on outcrop above the Altmühl river - not far away from the Befreiungshalle where we were last time. Beautiful nature all around, easy paths and yummy apple pie at the castle restaurant =D !
This time we didn´t even get lost, since we finally bought a tourist map ! So we got to see two more interesting things - the Blautopf , the tiny little pond with magicaly clear water and the bridge Tatzlwurm, which is a funny modern thing over the river =)

At the end of the day we were exhausted from the sun and heat, but it was such a great day ! And one of the last days of this year´s summer =( ... now that I look out of the window, leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is around 12°C ...hard to believe that a few days ago I was walking around Burg Prunn in shorts and bikini top !

 this looked like a forest temple *o*

 Satan´s chill by the river =D

I really hope we will manage some more adventures in autumn...
The valley around Altmühl river will look amazing with colorful trees !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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