pátek 28. srpna 2015


Hi, my dear readers ♥

In the middle of June (I´m so late with posts!) we did a tiny little trip to Munich - just for Friday afternoon. We needed to buy gifts in Dallmayr and I wanted some art supplies =)

I found an amazing art-supply store just in the city centre where I finally bought a brush pen ! I love working with it, I found my way back to ink thanks to this tool ♥

After we found everything we wanted, we decided to take a little walk around the town and try some new restaurant. We ended up in a cute little veggie bistro Orangebox, which I already discovered last summer but at that time we were there with my husband´s parents and his father refused to go anywhere where he couldn´t have a meat... =D we all know at least one person like this

We had no idea what is what on the menu, so we ordered three random meals and whoa ! Everything was delicious ♥ I´ve never had avocado salad before and it was beyond amazing ! I also had no idea what dal is and now I´m addicted =D

(I´m hungry just from looking at the photo)

Since the day was a bit cold I could wear overknee socks and shorts garters, which is my favourite combo ♥ I matched them with my Babilonia swimsuit - worn as a top - it´s so comfortable to wear ! but complicated on toilet, that´s true

Satan loves being around when I´m taking photos ... <_<

swimsuit - LovelySally
shorts garters - RABBIT HEART shop
shoes - Vagabond

I desperately need some cool distressed BLACK scarf or shawl arggh !
(the one I have on photos is not mine ...)
something like THIS T_T if only the shipping wasn´t so expensive
I will try to make one from old tie dyed t-shirt maybe... so wish me good luck =D

oh, and the picture !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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