pátek 11. září 2015


Hi, my dear readers ♥

I finally have photos of the dress I made in......April?? =D
As I said already, I have this weird habit to make summer clothing in winter and winter clothing in summer, then hide it in wardrobe and wait half a year for the right weather ...

This dress was a spontaneous idea, I don´t even know where I got it - I just took some cheap fabric which I bought in Prague, put my Klimt dress on it, traced the lines, cut, sew together with overlock machine and added a weird cape... I had no idea how capes work, the cut-out on the back of the dress was too big and my hood too small =D But in the end it looks cool ! 

I planned to wear it to Kaltenberg this year, but in the end it was too cold and I wore my medieval dress and cloak instead. So I took the dress with me to Prague when the heatwave striked - it was hot enough... too hot, maybe - the fabric is actually knitted <_<

We took some photos on a walk with our brand new camera - which means - we had no idea what we were doing, so half of the photos are focused on trees and peeing Satan in the background instead of me and my dress =D

Since it was terribly hot and I wanted the dress to stand out, I decided to combine it just with those amazing huuuge dreamcatcher earrings I got for Christmas from my friend KK (btw. check out her FB she´s a model!). And I wore my wedding shoes =D ha ha they´re great, I needed sandals like this !

The only bad thing about this dress and a reason why I won´t ever make/buy anymore of this kind of fitting pencil (?) dress otherwise it´s a black one - is my belly...when I´m hungry it looks OK, but after I stuffed myself at veggie restaurant I looked like if I´m going to give a birth to an alien waaah >_<

 I told you there is a peeing Satan on photos... =D

dreamcatcher earrings - gift
dress - DIY
sandals - Reno

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

P.S. no outfit drawing for today, I got tired of them =D I will draw some more for sure, but not weekly anymore

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  1. I wish I could sew too. I can only draw the clothes. Good job.

    1. It´s easy ! You can start with simple DIY projects from Pinterest - for some you don´t even need sewing machine to make pretty clothes =)