čtvrtek 17. září 2015

Heat Wave

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the title says, today I will talk about summer... again =D
This summer was really crazy for Europe ! Usually we have some days with 40°C but only two or three, then comes a huge thunderstorm and the nice 25°C - 30°C summer is back....but this year?? We had...two, maybe three weeks around 40°C, everything dried up, everyone totally exhausted , sweaty and tired... it always looked like it´s going to rain, but no...it only got even worse D= I don´t remember summer like this, but I´m not mad =) I don´t mind heat... as long as I don´t have to travel in public transport ...

So I put together two ultimate-heat-wave outfits and wore them almost every day =D
The most important things for me in this weather is strong sun cream 50 (I bought one from Lush and it´s great) and clothing in which I won´t get sweaty, because I haaaate it >_< so no cotton t-shirts or tiny denim shorts ugh
Dress is the perfect solution !
Light dress with huuuge arm holes & pretty bra ♥

I was sooo happy when I found this amazing bra in H&M and even in my size ! It´s perfect solution for this dress, which I wanted to buy whole spring, but never figured out how to wear it...because it´s too wide for no bra and with normal bra it would look ridiculous...it´s great for layering, but I wanted to wear it in summer... now it´s perfect ♥ instantly favourite combo

 I made this new pair of earrings =) it´s just acryl paint on wooden component - super easy !

earrings - DIY
dress, bra - H&M
shoes - VivoBarefoot

Same bra, different dress, same problem. I bought this dress last summer, but I always had the same problem as I said above... 
I love the design and the fact that it´s from limited edition, the last piece they had in the shop and most importantly - fairtrade ♥
the new choker is actually garter, which looks terrible on my leg so I wear it on neck

it´s not perfect, but still better than normal bra

choker - DIY
dress - PlazmaLab
bra - H&M
shoes - VivoBarefoot

I´m wearing new shoes on both photos - my n.1 favourites of this summer - simple black ballerinas from Vivo Barefoot. Me, my poor back/knees and my husband, we all fell in love with the barefoot trend - it helped me a lot ! After years of wearing funny lolita/goth shoes and other cheap crap I can really feel the difference. Yes, they are expensive, but I decided to get rid of most of my shoes and buy only good, healthy, fairtrade, eco and versatile ones from now on...phew ...or they have to be at least two things from this list =D
btw. I´m still putting together the ethical fashion directory, which I plan to post...soon, hopefuly =) I found so many great shops with fairtrade/eco shoes ! If only I had at least six legs =D

And how did you survived this summer ? Do you have some ultimate-heat-wave-outfit like me ? Are you looking forward to autumn ? I do *o*
knit knit knit sweaters shawls hats knit knit knit

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Aaaa bože oboje šaty Ti tak závidím! jsou nádherný *-*
    Jo haha taky jsem nosila skoro pořád jedny krátký šaty se šněrovacíma 3/4 legínama co jsou moc průhledný (a nedají se nosit s tričkem). A k tomu outdoorový sandále - tím se to dost zabilo, ale v tom vedru mi to bylo nakonec fuk :D:D
    Kéž bych měla šaty jako Ty! :D :)

  2. Cute dog :)
    BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  3. Both dresses look amazing with that bra!

  4. Hey, I cannot complain, when it was 40°C in Prague for about two weeks, I was at Crete, with beautiful 30°C and sea wind. So like... You know. I escaped south. Ironically.
    And I love the first dress, by the way.