pátek 21. srpna 2015

Wedding !

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As I said in the last few posts - we got married at the beginning of August ♪
In Czech republic we have this "rule" that you should get married in the next year after engagement othewise it will "expire" ... or at least that´s what my mother told last year when we got back from our road-trip engaged =)

I have to say that I was pretty scared about all this wedding stuff, because I´ve never had any girly wedding dreams so I had absolutely no idea what to wear, where the ceremony should take a place, what cake I want and things like that... I refused to start reading wedding magazines or made any wedding-related blog or Pinterest board argghh ...it would stress me out even more !

So I was just following simple rules. For example with the dress - It has to be sweatshop free & wearable even after wedding. Because I really don´t need a huge white dress in my wardrobe which I would wear just for the ceremony and then changed into something comfortable...that´s just waste of material and money !
...and I really didn´t want spent fortune on it

So after a few looks at Etsy I decided for "Lady Melisandre" dress from ZhenNymph in cream colour. Everything went fine, the dress arrived on time, fits perfectly, looks great and I can wear it to historical festivals and things like that without looking like a lost bride =D And when it gets dirty I plan to dye it to green =)

I also planned to order some jewellery, but everything I liked cost the same or more as the dress...and in the I decided that I don´t really need it - my tattoos and a simple pentagram necklace were enough and since I was wearing the hood during ceremony there was no need for fancy earrings, too

The only problem were shoes...not that I couldn´t find any.......I was just incredibly lazy and unmotivated to go looking for some, so in the end I wanted to wear my old sandals =D Fortunatelly we went shopping a week before wedding and I just took quick look in Reno (where I buy most of my shoes) and whoa ! perfect shoes for my wedding dress were there... purrfect :3

With Honza´s wedding outfit it was a lot more simple, we went to Top Man in Prague, bought the whole set, grabbed a shirt in Esprit and ordered some accessories in Zara - everything is pretty (not exactly ethical made, but that´s impossible with men´s clothes, I think), good quality, fair price and most importantly "slim fit" so Honza looked really cool and not like wearing dady´s clothes =D

Then, appart from ordering the wedding bouquet just a three days before ceremony, everything went fine, everyone had fun, nobody was hungry and we even survied the terrible heat - it was the hottest day of the year 37°C !!! (which was good for one thing - nobody was in the mood for dance...phew, I hate dancing on weddings, it´s just embarrasing =D but I always do it when I attend other´s wedding)

The ceremony took place in "Viniční altán" (Winery house) in Grébovka, which is nice park almost in the middle of Prague with tiny little vineyard. The Winery house itself was build in a beautiful style, all from wood with a nice view over the vineyard.
Calm place, perfectly accesible with public transport and great for photos.
The owner who was helping us with organizing is also really kind and relaxed, so we had absolutely no stress and everything went smoothly =) 

OK, that´s enough of talk - here are some photos !
BIG THANKS goes to Filip Blažek, who travelled all the way from Brno and took absolutely amazing photos of us ♥ 

 the cake was ugly, but really delicious

"act like you´re on a date" 

awww ♥

This photo is so pretty *o* maybe I will use it as a new blog headder ... 

Now I got a new surname, I write it like five-years-old and a huge pile of paperwork awaits us when we pick up the wedding certificate in Prague) ...phew
But the wedding madness is behind us...and now we can fully enjoy summer  our wedding gifts !

Have a beutiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. The pictures are extremely beautiful!

    I think it's nice that you haven't excessively planned your wedding, but let it all come along smoothly. After all it's about having fun and not too much stress. And your wedding presents are the best!
    Wishing you guys good luck for the future :)

  2. These pictures are beautiful. I wish my wedding was so casual, my husband wanted a big wedding and I was a little bit like "Well, if we are going big.. I might as well go all the way..." It was stressful, but I think in some ways I loved it, very classy but we did whatever we wanted giving a very light hearted atmosphere. Too many weddings in the US are very formal, so I think no one really gets to enjoy the wedding with the bride and groom.

    I think you should submit your wedding and story to offbeatbride.com I loved that site because they have so many weddings, eco-friendly, queer, poly, historical, mainstream, geeky, elopements, etc. I think they could totally benefit from your low-stress story. BTW I don't work for the blog, I just liked the site when I got married.

    1. I love big weddings, but only as a quest =D but I admire everyone who manage to organize all these things to make it so huge and decorated and everything ! We wanted as less stress as possible and still we did some things at the last minute, like music or the bouquet =D (for example those flowers our mothers had - we bought them just two hours before the ceremony ha ha =D)

      I will take a look at the website for sure =) now that it´s all behind me, I think I can finally enjoy wedding photos without feeling like "OMG HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE ALL THIS" =D

  3. In the last picture... I was wondering where your feet went even on Instagram and I finaly located them, but it really looks like you're just hovering over the ground. Like a real fairy;)

  4. Those pictures are amazing, you make a beautiful couple. Congratulations!

  5. Moc krásné a originální šaty jsi měla, sluší vám to :)

  6. Lovely pictures. Best wishes to you!

  7. Viem, že sa vôbec nepoznáme, ale už dlho ti stalkujem blog. :) Gratulujem! Fotky sú krásne, pristane Vám to obom! :)

  8. naprosto božský <3 úplně jakože aaach a tak

  9. Moc krásné šaty. :) A líbí se mi ta originalita fotek - většina svatebních fotek dneška mi totiž přijde na stejno a novomanželé na nich jak figurky. XD Skoro jako by vzali dva lidi, narvali je do svatebního a postavili je před foťák. Ale vaše fotky jsou netradiční, veselé, prostě skvělé. :)
    A přeju hodně štěstí! <3

  10. Aww, you two look amazing! I really like the way you managed the whole wedding stuff. I thinnk if wedding is a thing for me at some point in the future, it would be in a quite similar way. =) Easy and relaxed and with only a few important people. Also the wedding gifts you got are totally tomy taste. :3 Have fun with all the awesome games!

  11. You both look so adorable! Congratulations :)

  12. Ich gratuliere! Felicidades!

  13. Lovely pictures! I am so happy about you!

    The dress is really interesting and it's cool that you'll be able to wear it after the wedding. I think if you dye it in green it will look very elfish!