pátek 14. srpna 2015

Galaxy Prophet

Hi, my dear readers ♥
I´m back from the busy wedding week, alive, with a new name and one more ring on my finger =)
I´ll do a blog post about all of it for sure, but first I have to wait for photos... until then I will try to catch up with all these outfit posts I have in my computer >_< eh !

A while ago I told you about my double-purchase at Black Milk Clothing - I bought "Mermaid Leggins" and my dream "Galaxy Purple Leggins". Today I want to show you the galaxy ones =)
They are even more perfect in real life than they look on photos (and they look amazing on photos), the quality is great and all these amazing colours...whaa *o*

What I like the most about printed leggins is the fact that they are already so colorful and interresting, that you don´t need any other fancy clothes just a simple black sweater or t-shirt and that´s it - you look great =)
That´s basically what I wear through the whole winter, when I´m lazy to put together an outfit, but still want to look good he he =D
To make my autumn/winter outfits with these leggins even better I made a little violet alien brooch which I´m going to wear on my winter jacket and I also ordered a bunch of handspun yarn in "galaxy colours" from HanaPaimen from which I plan to knit a matching shawl ♥

But it´s still too warm for shawls and jackets, so I wear my galaxy leggins just with tank top and mostly with this great cardigan-thing I bought in H&M *o* I couldn´t resist...again

please ignore my weird expressions ...I probably had some bad face day =D

cardigan - H&M
tank top - DIY
necklace - Placebo merchandise
leggins - Black Milk Clothing
shoes - Vagabond

... and of course an outfit picture !
I decided to change the technique, because in the end I don´t really like how Copic markers look eh <_< they´re way too kitshy for my taste... and drawing with them doesn´t help me much to get rid of my manga style, which I really want to...
So I will continue doing these, but with watercolours because they are my favorite technique and I want to practise with them as much as possible ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. The alien brooch is cute :)

    I totally love your outfit! Somehow the t-shirt, with the cardigan, the leggings (they're amazing) and the boots bring a post-apocalyptic feel ^^

    Did you buy the cardigan recently? Maybe I'll be able to get me one if the H&M in my country have them...

    1. Thank you =) ! I bought it in June and I think they still have it in our local H&M, maybe it´s going to be on sale now !