pátek 10. července 2015

Mermaid Lounge

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I decided to spend some money and finally buy my dream leggins from Black Milk =D
I want almost all of their designs, but still it wasn´t hard to choose - I always wanted the original very first one and only "Galaxy Purple Leggins" and amazing "Mermaid Leggins" ...I also planned to buy the Slytherin ones from Harry Potter collection, but they are no longer available =(
if they ever have them again I will buy them even if it would cost my soul

I already have one pair of BM leggins which I bought a few years ago and ordered from Prague. The delivery to Czech Republic was really quick, but the communication with the Czech FedEx and the high price for their delivery was ugh... so I was really happy about how easy it was here in Germany ! The package arrived in a few days and I could pay the custom fee right at my door and get my leggins immediatelly *o* heaven ! (Normally I have to ride a bike for 40 minutes to get to custom office and then wait there another 40 minutes and then ride back again...and you know, this usually happens in rainy days, so I love it)

The quality of both leggins is great and the fabric structure of the Mermaid ones is just amazing ♥ You never really see all the glittering details on photos, but IRL they really look like if I just stepped out of the sea =D perfect for a party

Here is my very first outfit with the Mermaid ones - I had to wear them right away after I got them ♪ I really wanted to combine it with something sea/mermaid-related, but I don´t have anything yet...only my Bioshock tank top =D ha ha BUT IT´S A PERFECT MATCH !

tank top - Cherry Sauce (the shop exists no more)
necklace - made by Clover =)
leggins - Black Milk
shoes - H&M

Now that I´m looking at photos I´m not sure if black shoes weren´t better, but I really wanted to wear these, so whatever =D maybe next time !

Do you have any Black Milk dream items? I still have a few on my list - for example Slick Black Leggins will be definitelly in my next order fu fu

oh, and the picture !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. Tak o těchto legínách sním už pěkně dlouho. Docela závidím :D
    Moc ti sluší. :)

    1. Jsou perfektnííí určitě doporučuju našetřit a zakoupit =D

  2. You're absolutely rocking those leggings, great look!