pátek 3. července 2015

Spectaculum Nordgavia

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you a few photos from historical festival we visited in May. It´s called Spectaculum Nordgavia and it´s not only a market, but also a music festival. On Friday there are always some historical/metal bands playing all night and at day you can visit the market.
It´s not that far away from our town, so we decided to give it a try, since it looked quite big and the location was nice as well. It took place at the castle above a little town ...

But we ended up pretty dissapointed about this one... at the beginning it looked great, because the very first shop I saw was my favourite Al Mischas and I left there almost all my money in first ten minutes =D but as we continued walking trought the market it became pretty boring.... there was weird funeral-like band playing in the distance, shops had nothing interresting or it was expensive, the food was just normal ...sausages on grill or things like that and what´s worse - they didn´t have any special beer glasses like usually on historical festivals.......so I got a mead in an Ikea glass...what? That was pretty embarrasing...

Just as I almost gave up and wanted to go home, the "orc band" started to play on the main stage. I can´t find the band´s name anymore, but they were great =D They had a really epic image - dirty barbarians playing on their postapocalyptic instruments, good songs and show. The part I liked the most was when they asked for some girls to go to the front and make a circle. Then they started to play a song about witches and girls had to dance in rounds and whaa it was great =D all girls were dressed up in costumes and some of them danced pretty good, so it really looked like some kind of ritual witch party =D

After this great show the funeral band was about to go back stage again, so we better left and went home.
Nah...the orc band was cool, but I don´t think we will go there again next year <_<

I was in some fantasy-mood before we left, so I dressed-up in my new tie dye skirt with faun years and everything. Kids loved it and guys from the "orc band" were bleating at me =D ha ha which was pretty funny, they were really into their roles the whole day not only on stage !

Here is a few photos from the day ♪

 ...kids were amazed by my ears, but even more they were interrested in Satan =D 


 The viking girl in the middle was soooo cool ! I want to be like her  She had a great oufit, dreadlocks and dancing skills *o*


And some photos of my outfit

My antlers, necklace and skirt unintentionally matched so perfectly =D I made the necklace looong time ago, antlers last year and the skirt is new... and then I put it all together and everything had almost same colours... ha ha violet+green is just the best combination ever ♥

antlers, necklace, skirt - DIY
faun ears - The Elven Caravan
sandals - LUNA sandals

And the picture !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Try to find the band due to name on their standarts - troll afnet i think... or mabe those other flags :) it should be some of them :)

    1. I tried that, too but I couldn´t find anything... and the programm is no longer on the event website =/ I will have to wait until I see them again =D

  2. Such a cute outfit! Looks like a fun festival, too.