pátek 24. července 2015

DIY "salwar" Pants

Hi, my dear readers ♥

From time to time it happens to me that I have a sudden wave of inspiration and motivation to make my own clothes. I´m always so excited about sewing my own lolita dress, summer dress, pants, etc. ...then I really make it, I´m super-happy about it and plan to do more.......and then....I get to wear it outside several months or weeks later because I already have a lot of clothes and in the end I don´t really need to make more, because I already have enough lolita dresses, summer dresses and even more pants ... >_< eh
But the feeling of making my own clothes is so great ! 

The same scenario happened this winter when I decided to make a dress (which I haven´t worn yet, so I don´t have any photos) and a pair of comfy pants. I planned to make usual harem pants, but the pattern was for "salwar" pants which are something different (I had no idea) so now I have a huge grey "pajama" pants and I love them ♥

With these pants and the dress I finally tried to make clothes from elastic materials on my overlock sewing machine - so fast and easy *o* I want to make more clothes why do I have 10000 already ?!!

For anyone who´s interrested in making their own pair of comfy "salwar" pants

You don´t have to own an overlock sewing machine to make them, I already did one pair for my boyfriend a while ago from non-elastic fabric with normal sewing machine and it worked, too =)
It´s a great pattern for begginers !

About harem pants - I finally have the right pattern and I even tie dyed some old fabric so they will be great, but I don´t have time to make them...I also don´t really need them since I have three already x_x ... I will leave this project for long winter weekends, I think ♪

And now for some photos !
I wore my new pants for a trip to Regensburg. The day was HOT so in the end I didn´t wear the cardigan at all, but still it was a good choice of clothes =)

I visited my favourite shop with spices, where I always want to buy EVERYTHING

(this is what I chose in the end)

... then I spent a lot more money than I planned for art supplies as always ...

...and had this cute green kiwi drink at the end of the day !

Regensburg is such a beautiful town ♥ I want to go there more often !

And now for the pants, finally ...

ha ha I´m fine, don´t worry =D ! I just wanted to show you how these pants look ... =)

necklace - Samsara / Himalife
cardigan - second-hand
pants - DIY
sandals - LUNA sandals

And of course I have a picture again !
I think this outfit would be great for some yoga practice so I got inspired by that idea =)

 ॐ Namaste ॐ

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Odpovědi
    1. Látka z FlexTexu 9,- za metr a za 2 hodinky ani to ne hotový - to dáš =)

    2. Klidně troje, za tu cenu. :D

  2. Parádní! A podle střihu to fakt vypadá, že by to mohl zvládnout začátečník jako já :)) nejlíp, kdybych si mohla aspoň dvoje ušít na cestu do Indie, neznám pohodlnější oblečení! :))

    1. Já myslím, že v pohodě =) ani jsem se v tom střihu neztratila jako se mi normálně při šití kalhot stává =D jee to by sis mohla v Indii i nakoupit nějaký super látky *o*