pátek 19. června 2015

Oversized Crimson Sweater

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Once upon a time I really wanted a sweater in crimson colour, preferably an oversized one with few holes... I call these garments "Cobain´s sweaters" =D Three years ago these were in trend, all fashion bloggers had them and you could buy them everywhere...but I said no ! I won´t buy it, my mum can knit this for me, it looks easy ! ...and that was a great mistake
My mum agreed that she can do it if I buy the yarn and draw her how it should look, I even borrowed her one simillar sweater which I already have and she happily started knitting...
...and after two years she still had only 20 rows and then started to hide the knitting everytime I visited her so I won´t start talking about it -_- (this is how we solve problems in our family in general, but that´s not what I wanted to talk about)
Sooooooo I got pretty angry, learned how to knit, took these yarns and my mum´s knitting needles and started again.
After two years I changed my mind about the design and instead of "Cobain´s sweater" I started a simple oversized one according to a pattern from German magazine...

...and so I was knitting, and knitting, and it looked not enough oversized, let´s make it bigger and maybe it needs a few more stitches and....oh

I created a monster ! again

Instead of oversized sweater I have a loooong knitted dress with huge sleeves =D ha ha
It´s not exactly what I wanted, but I like it anyway - let´s say it´s much more original and eye-catching than just a simple oversized sweater ... ♪

I usually wear it with leggins and tank top underneath, so I can put it off when I start to feel warm. Just as I did for a shopping day in Munich in April when I took these photos (I´m really behind with posts!). The dress is great for the first sunny days at the beggining of spring and I can´t wait to wear it again at the end of summer.....but let´s not talk about the end of summer >_< it´s too depressive !

necklace - Samsara/Himalife
leggins - H&M
shoes - Vagabond

And as I promised last time - picture with every outfit !
Unfortunatelly I don´t have Copic in the same colour as the sweater, so I did it just red. I guess I need to buy more colours and kinda refresh my Copic collection =)
Also first time drawing mandala - I need to draw more of them *o*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

6 komentářů:

  1. You look somewhat sophisticated. I guess its the length and your pose in the first picture, like "hu, don't talk to me, I've got money" haha
    And yay for the drawing! :D

    1. ha ha that´s true ! I always look so serious and unfriendly on outfit photos, because I just can´t laugh to camera on tripod >_< ...if I smile, I always look like a piggy or something like that =D I wish I could smile on every photo and look good ...I need to work on it ! =)

    2. aw but don't force yourself to smile. you look good anyways!

  2. Jé tyjo to je dobrá obrovitost, náhodou se mi to dost líbí :)) A z čeho jsi to pletla? To ti muselo zabrat tolik času! O_o
    A ten obrázek je opět perfekt!

    1. Jooo pletla jsem to snad půl roku asi z 5-6 klubek vlny "Hanka" (=D) od Vlniky...naštěstí hodně metrů za dobrou cenu a kvalita je taky super, ale bohužel tuhle barvu už přestali vyrábět, tak jsem to pak musela doobjednávat tady z německýho e-shopu, kde jí ještě měli uff

  3. love this look!