úterý 23. června 2015

Befreiungshalle in Kelheim & Weltenburg Abbey

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you photos from a little trip we made in May. The weather was really nice and we wanted to try out our new tracking shoes, so we decided to visit Befreiungshalle in Kelheim, which is a small city in Bayern. The Befreiungshalle is quite a huge monument on the mountain above the city which lies at the confluence of two rivers - Danube and Altmühl.
It was build by King Ludwig I to commemorate victories against Napoleon.
...that´s what Wikipedia says, but in my words it would be something like "OMG THIS IS AMAZINGLY HUGE THING, I FEEL LIKE IN A LOCATION OF FINAL BOSS FIGH, I CAN EVEN HIDE BEHIND THOSE SHIELD TO AVOID ATTACKS !!!"

...actually that´s what I was saying the whole time we were there =D ha ha
It´s a beautiful place and REALLY monumental !

After we visited this interresting building, we had "echt bayerisch" lunch and then walked to our second destination of the day - Weltenburg Abbey. Which is a monastery situated on a peninsula and you have to reach it by a short boat ride from the other side of river. In the yard of the monastery is a huge Biergarten where people can try beer from the local brewery and stuffed their bellies with traditional Bavarian dishes =)
We were there on the "father´s day" or something like that - when in Bayern all fathers go driking and singing in streets or pubs - so the Biergarten was completelly full with men in Lederhose so we just walked through and continued in our trip =D

... and that´s were we took the wrong way... and instead of 3h long walk which the sign at the Befreiungshalle said...we were walking about 5hours and got to the car dead tired and thirsty =D So we did a quick pause at the hilltop, drank a beer and went home...phew !


secret garden at the abbey !

A have a lot of plans for this summer concerning hikes and trips like this, so I hope I will show you photos from another adventure soon ♥
but first it has to stop raining !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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