úterý 16. června 2015

Tank Girl !

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I will finally show you the results of our Tank Girl inspired photoshoot we did in April with Murhaaya !
We had this idea on our minds since winter, but it was too cold to go out in light clothes so we had to wait until Spring...
It almost didn´t work out again, because dark clouds started approaching just as we got to the tank, but we were lucky and managed to snap some nice pictures before the first raindrops started to fall =)

I´m sooo happy about the results *o*
Those who are following my blog longer probably know that I dressed like this a few times before as well, but what you probably didn´t know is the fact that I actually haven´t seen Tank Girl until last autumn and I watched first three Mad Max movies just last weekend (of course I haven´t seen the new one, yet -_- I´m the last one on Earth probably)...so I was thinking where my obsession with plain wastelands and rusty wrecks started......and....I don´t know....it was just there - always =D ha ha

...and I have to say that now that I finally saw these movies I´m even more excited and I wish I knew Tank girl when I was small because she would definitelly be my role model forever and ever and I would shave half of my head much sooner than I did =D ha ha

but stop talking, here are the photos !
let´s start with colors
(Murhaaya was using like 5 different old analog cameras, so I have no idea which one he used for these photos)

and black&white photos from digital camera

...that´s not everything, yet !
On the weekend we did this shooting I attended my very first hula hoop workshop and bought there a new hoop. Which is bigger and lighter than the one I was using until now and it´s much better for practice. I also promised the teacher (Nany Hoops !) that I will overcome my fear and start practicing outside......and so I did it, I took my hoop to the photoshoot with me and we made some "postapo" hula hoop gifs =D I love them ! My self-confidence grew a lot and now I´m not scared of starring people anymore *_*

...and that´s it =)

I wish have an opportunity to dress up like this more often and I´m beyond sad that I won´t be on JUNKTOWN this year - it´s the very first postapocalyptic festival in Czech Republic and it looks amazing *__*
I was even offered to have a stand with my harnesses here which would be dream come true, but it´s in one row with graduation ceremony of my bf´s sister and our wedding ... =(
I keep my fingers crossed that the festival will be successful and next year I´ll be there for sure !

And the most important thing at the end

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

8 komentářů:

  1. O_______________________________O

    .......to je úžasný!

    DOKONALÝ! :)

    ty černobílý fotky jsou tak úchvatný, líbí se mi snad nejvíc ze všech tvých photoshootů s Murhaayou!
    Kdybych byla kluk, určitě bych si je vytiskla a nalepila na nástěnku nebo nad postel! :D (snad to nezní blbě - myslím to dobře - jsou fakt perfektní a hrozně moc ti to tam sluší! :))

    1. jeeeeeeeee děkuju moc =D Nezní to vůbec blbě, představu mých fotek vylepených po klučíčím pokoji beru jako dost velký kompliment ! =D
      Jsem ráda, že se líbí - já jsem z nich taky nadšená, lozit po tanku bylo super =D

  2. I remember loving Tank Girl when I saw it years ago, then as an adult I thought maybe it wasn't as good as I remembered since it wasn't as popular as Mad Max. Glad to hear another fan out there!

    1. I think it´s really great !!! Of course it´s not a candidate film for Oscars, but whaa all these ideas and humour in the movie are just exactly my cup of tea =D Mad Max was cool, too - but Tank Girl is still better ! Now I really want to buy the original comic books, but... I´m not an experience comics fan, so I have no idea where to look or if it´s still possible to buy them o_O

  3. Very cool and sexy shots, dear!! And the hula hoop videos are amazing :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Nie si posledná na planéte, tiež som Mad Max ešte nevidela. :D Sakra. :D
    A úplne parádne fotky aj spolu s outfitom. Najmä tie čiernobiele. <3
    A tie gify ešte viac. Ja som ten kruh vždy preklínala, lebo mi to s ním vôbec ale vôbec nešlo. Napokon skončil ako "hračka" pre môjho psa - učila som ho cez to skákať. :D

  5. Tank girl is so cool! I have once dressed as her on Halloween. You did a great job actually scoring a tank, hehe ^^