pátek 30. ledna 2015

"art" post - November/December

Hello, my dear readers ♥

After some time, I´m back with a few pictures. I´ve been drawing quite a lot lately, which makes me really happy - I have so many ideas and a lot of inspiration *o*

Here are some things I did in November/December - mostly lolita pictures and my dear OCs =)

The scanned version of this one looked terrible, so I decided to take photo of it...together with some matching things to Elweera´s personality - weird accessories, grunge jewellery and vampires ♥
I plan to do this with my other OCs as well, but the light is so bad in winter that I will have to wait until spring arrives ...

...surprisingly - this one looks great in scanned version ! My scanner is moody, or I don´t know - sometimes I need a new one and sometimes it works perfectly...
Anyway - here´s Niam doing some futuristic fashion photoshoot....to tell the truth, I just really wanted to try to draw galaxy =D And I didn´t have a masking fluid yet, so...yeah it´s not perfect

And my favourite of these three - Momo on her way from flower shop =D I used this photo as reference/outfit inspiration and also I tried to apply all the new things I learned at art course which I´m visiting every monday... I have to say that I can see the progress (yay!) - I started to use adhesive tape to keep the paper from wrinkling and less water for mixing colors ...
I love watercolors so much ! I just HAVE TO learn how to work with them properly *_*

And now for some lolita fashion art !

At the beginning of November, Porcelain Doll owner Pierrette asked me for a commission for her shop (omg!) - a new picture for shopping bags ! uwaa what a great honor for me ! ♥
here´s a preview how it´s going to look *_*

Christmas lolitas !

At about the same time Ketmara asked me for two simple Christmas-themed lolita illustations which were going to be a part of some small magazine on Prague lolita meet-up. Something like color-book pages =) ...unfortunatelly no magazine was made and they ended up as a backside of a programm so probably no one noticed them =D ha ha

About the pictures - the first one is lolita version of czech "Ježíšek" (little-Jesus) who is giving gifts to us on Christmas Eve... I don´t like all these Christianity symbols in lolita, but it matches with the Christmas theme perfectly....and also I really wanted to draw this "halo"

The second one is more USA-Christmas-themed - if I were about to color this one, she would have red and white coat and green tights....she´s probably Santa´s helper waiting for him outside, dressed up in lolita and drinking mulled wine =D

I was also asked to do a cover for the very first issue of the new czech lolita online magazine "Sličná Antonie". The topic for this one was fairytales. I don´t know why, but I really wanted to draw The Frog Prince =D
You can read the first issue here ♥
(it´s both in czech and english)

Aaand the last picture is the first thing I drew in 2015 !
It´s just a random one done in my new toned paper sketchbook which I got as a Christmas gift from my dear friend Tercenya ♥ I can´t wait to experiment more with with the white pencil on dark paper *o*

I hope you like them !
Same as always - if you see any mistakes - tell me, tell me ! I have to learn from them =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Hi. I think the last picture is the best. It seems effortlessly and gracefully drawn. As for the others, I quite like them, too, although I am more of "realistic" kind of drawer, I don't really know much about this Asia inspired drawing, if I can call your style that way. What I can say, is that proportionally they are all good (some of your older things were a bit off), maybe the second to last one has a bit weird hand... but maybe it was the intention:) I also really like the watercolored one, I think it's third... yup, it's third. Anyway, good job, keep it up:)
    (Criticism well meant by a long time art student;))
    (Also, shameless promotion wrapped in "look what kind of drawer am I" - http://ladycanth.deviantart.com/gallery/)

    1. Thank you so much =) ! I´m really happy that you like the last one, because it really was just a quick drawing without any idea or reference ♪
      Hands, legs and lips are my biggest struggle - I have to work on them a lot =D

      whee thank you for the link - I´ll take a look for sure *_*

    2. I've just hit the Sign out button instead of the Publish one. Aaaarrgh.

      Errr, what did I write? I guess something along the lines of I like sketches and doodles the most, when someone just quickly puts a little drawing on a paper. But you have to have a lot of things in hand and that means drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing.
      But hey, hands are the worst. Like actually the worst. But you also have two, and draw with only one, hence you have a reference at hand all the time (pun intended). We also did this thing in school where we sat with our side to a table, drawing hand on a paper on the table, the second hand in our laps and we had to draw the hand without looking at the paper. You really have to think about what you are drawing, preferably not lift the tip off the paper at all. Concentrating only at all the important lines and wrinkles. The idea is to really look at what you're drawing, not at what you're drawing, if you know what I mean;)
      Also to think in shapes and angles. Like "the sun that is hitting the face here really shows that the cheek is somewhat of a triangle, another triangle is a chin-ear-nose, the mouth is actually only the shadow between the lips" and so on.
      I also draw people in public transport a lot. You have about three minutes before they get off the tram or more people get in and you lose your vies, so again you have to focus on what is important. When I don't have my sketchbook with me, I draw "in my head". I must look like a creep, looking at people and finding all the relations between the main attributes of their faces, but it really helps.
      Also it is good to use a ball tip pen or a small felt tip pen. It "listens" to you much less so again you have to focus on what you're drawing rather than what you're drawing, if you catch my drift:)
      And lastly, I sew my sketchbooks myself, it's really not that difficult and you then end up with your own nice thing with paper of your choice inside. But you can also buy something like moleskine, they have quite nice paper. Although I like my paper not to be perfectly white. Preferably with some stains on it. Sometimes I drawn it in coffee of tea before using the paper for a book.

      Well, I should stop writing and learn (and make sure I don't fail the exam for the third time). Art unifies! :))

    3. It happens to me all the time =D

      Yess - me too, quite often I like sketches and WIP of DAartists more than their finished work, because they are more "alive" and their skills are more visible there *o*
      Thank you for so many great tips ! I started with these quick drawings at the art class and I´m planning to continue when the weather will be more friendly to sit in the park and watch other people there =)
      I really wanted to make my own sketchbook as well, but I never found out how =D ha ha

      Good luck with the exam ♥

    4. Thank you, helped;) Third time for B! The sketchbook isn't that complicated... maybe I could do a tutorial:)

  2. That frog prince one is my favourite! You are so talented; I feel quite envious now! <3


    1. Thank you !!! I´m happy that you like the picture =)

  3. You definitely excel with watercolor. I encourage you to keep it up with that medium, it's highly desirable in the art world.

    1. Thank you ♥ I think I will, because it´s the medium which I enjoyed the most so far =) Mostly because I have almost unlimited spectrum of colours without need to go and buy a new one for every new picture...like with color pencils, or copic markers =D

  4. No, časopis byl rozpracovaný, akorát jsem přecenila své schopnosti nespat, protože v Bulharsku na něj nakonec nebyl čas (byla jsem ráda, že jsem stihla udělat, co jsem potřebovala), den po příjezdu jsem odjela do Vídně a z Vídně jsem se vrátila o půlnoci před srazem :(. Ale holky si jich určitě všimly, někdo se mě dokonce ptal, jestli si ten program srazu může vzít, protože se mu líbí ten obrázek :). Ale omlouvám se, měla jsem dát vědět, tak snad tě to nějak nepohoršilo, že jsme je na to použily, říkala jsem si, že by byla škoda je nepoužít na nic, když jsi se s nimi kreslila...
    Jo a nový potisk na tašky PD je boží!

    1. Ne, to je v pohodě - mě to je jedno, jenom je to škoda, že to nevyšlo protože to byl podle mě super nápad s tím časopisem =) Tak třeba za rok - kdybys potřebovala zase nějaký Vánoční lolitky, ráda nakreslím novou várku !

  5. Kéž bych uměla tak vybarvovat a stínovat jako ty T____T podle mě jsou všechny naprosto úžasné! *,*

  6. Aw, I love them all. You're honestly one of my biggest inspirations in drawing.