pátek 23. ledna 2015


Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I have just a simple outfit post for you - no long talks and hundreds of photos =D

I didn´t have much time and opportunities to dress up and take pictures of my daily outfits before Christmas. Probably because I was working on new harnesses, buying gifts and most of the time I was running around after my dear devilish puppy...

Now I finally set up my daily routine and have time to dress up, take photos, work and go to dog walks - which means - I have a loooot to post !

I wore this mori outfit for Christmas shopping at the beginning of December. The plan was to make some proper outfit with this beautiful dress from Gudrun Sjõdén, but in the end the nice embroidery isn´t visible under the collar at all... so maybe next time =D I also wore my new DIY faux fur legwarmers which I wanted to make for ages ! (I bought the fabric like two years ago?!) I know you can´t see it on photos, but they each have three cute wooden buttons on one side :3

... and the tote bag ! It´s so cute, that I just had to buy it even though I already have 10000 tote bags >_<  BUT  this one was special ! I bought it in bio-grocery store and supported little birds with the purchase ♥

flower hairclips - H&M
toadstool earrings - DIY
dress - Gudrun Sjõdén
cardigan - C&A
legwarmers - DIY
tote bag - Alnatura =D

I hope you don´t mind my silly dog photos, but Satan is always running around like crazy (he loves our balcony) and half of the photos have a small black moving ball on it =D so in the end I always pick him up and we take some photos together he he

oh, and long time no music !
I had no idea how to name this post, so I used one pretty song from Bonobo - DJ whose albums are now every day set on repeat on my Spotify ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

6 komentářů:

  1. To ti tak slušííí :))) ty návleky jsou super nápad, a fotka se Satanem je nej! :D

  2. You look adorable! I love your buns so much and that picture with you and little Satan! :)


  3. Už se těším na tu záplavu fotek! :) Tady se mi líbí hlavně šatičky, takové by se mi líbily na léto, zvlášť, kdyby byly ještě o něco delší.
    A z pejska už se stává pomalu modelka :))

    1. Nějak se mi tady teď nakupila spousta nových věcí a s ní i inspirace a naštěstí i čas na fotky, takže už teď mám "materiál" na asi 8 postů dopředu =D
      Joo a Satanáš to bude ještě jednou model ! =)